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The RapidKL new bus ticketing system work When you touch the transit card on the card reader as you board the bus. with the smart ticketing, its guarantee faster transaction and no long queue to enter the public transportation. The smart system is benefits to all, it help smoother inter-modal transit between Rapidkl bus, LRT, KL monorail and Park and Ride. The GPS tracking system is build-in the card will detect accurate fare deduction automatically and a maximum fare of the route travelled is deducted from your card. When you touch out as you alight, the system automatically calculates the exact fare.
This fare is displayed on the reader, and the balance is refunded into the card. For this promotional period, transit card purchased onboard bus is free-of-charge. RM10 is normally charged when you purchase the TnG card elsewhere. However, a deposit of RM2 is refundable at selected major bus hubs, LRT stations and Touch n Go agents if you decide not to use the card anymore.


The system accepts all Touch n Go cards, including MyKad Touch n Go. You can purchase a transit card on the bus with three simple steps:

1. Press the “Buy Card” button;
2. Insert bank note into the machine slot (RM5, RM10 and RM50 are accepted);
3. Collect card after the voice instruction is heard.
The transit card purchased on board the bus functions as a normal Touch n Go card and is accepted at all TnG service providers, except toll highways.

You can reload your card on the bus with three simple steps:
1. Press the “Reload” button;
2. Insert bank note into the machine slot (you can reload values of RM1, RM5, RM10 and RM50);
3. Touch card on card reader after the voice instruction is heard.
Alternatively, you can reload your card at most banks’ automated teller machines (ATM), participating convenience stores and other locations with the Touch n Go reload facility logo. Each reload service will be charged 50 sen service fee.

Once you has purchase or reload on the bus, you dint have to touch card on the card reader again because the maximum fare of the route travelled is automatically deducted once the purchase or reload transaction is completed. You will need to touch out on the card reader when alighting the bus at the end of your journey to ensure that actual fare is deducted from the card. Need to be informed that there should always be a minimum value that is equal to or greater than the maximum fare of the route travelled. However if your balance is below the maximum fare required, you can always reload on the bus. Once your card value falls below RM12, you will be alerted to reload every time you touch in.For security reasons, balance only appears on reader if it is less than RM12.
you can cover for who do not own a transit card, can I use a single card to pay for all traveling with me?. Please inform the driver the number of passengers travelling with you and the driver will assist you accordingly. Note that for this “multi-boarding” facility, all passengers traveling with you will be charged adult fare.

For information, all existing RapidPass users can still use their cards on the bus by tapping on the existing card reader. However, you are advised to reload your card with a minimum value that is equal to, or greater than the maximum fare of the route travelled. This will enable you to also use the RapidPass cards on the new bus ticketing system and please do inform the driver to activate or deactivate the ‘EZ’ function on your RapidPass.
To continue enjoying the concession fare, those in this category will have to apply for a photo ID concession card. The card will be issued to successful applicants upon registration at selected locations and schools. Please call the RapidKL helpline or visit our website for more details.

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3 Responses »

  1. i have a few question need to ask :
    1) if i already have Touch n Go, do i still need to buy this card?
    2) is that the card only can use on rapid kl bus?
    3) this morning is my first time use touch n go on bus, bus number is U623. Normally from Kelana Jaya to Sunway is RM1, n back from Sunway to Kelana Jaya is RM2, total is RM3.
    But this morning when your staff try to help me touch my Touch n Go, i saw the system show out the balance is RM3, when i get down from the bus is no need to touch out, so what i feel is why use Touch n Go is so expensive then paid by cash? mean when i back from Sunway to Kelana Jaya also is deduce RM3 right? then total is RM6.
    can you explaine to me?

  2. Hi Phoebe,
    Let me help to answer your question:
    1) No, you can use normal touch n go card.
    2) Yes, you only can use touch n go card
    3) You need to tap when you get in the bus and tap when you get out from the bus. If you dont tap your card when you get out from the bus, then the system will deduct the highest fare for that particular route (U623 in ur case)

    hope it helps

  3. hi, there. i’m doing a survey regarding the rapidkl new ticketing system:D

    here is the link


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