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Gwheel Hybrid Scooter 80cc (GW800HB) and Gwheel Hybrid Scooter 50cc (GW500HB) has been launched by Hybrid Scooter Sdn Bhd. The company intends to start selling the scooters by next month offering two models the 80cc Enviro 80HX which will cost between RM7,200 and RM7,800 and the 50cc Enviro 50HX which will be priced from RM6,800 to RM7,200. The scooters currently have about 40% local content With conventional scooter in the same range as its hybrid scooters. While conventional motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha are exploring electric motocycle technology and others like Piaggio and Bombardier producing or developing hybrid three-wheelers, a small electric vehicle manufacturer is going the other direction, adding a gasoline engine to an electric scooter with manufacturing facility in Dengkil, Malaysia.

 The eco-friendly hybrid bike offers three riding modes: either being on full electric from its lithium-battery powered 800W 48V brushless electric motor fitted inside the bike’s rear hub, with full combustion engine power solely from its 80cc petrol engine,  or a combination of both. With that it could save fuel consumpsion up to 30% when fully charged. The scooters could run exclusively on an electric propulsion system, minimal usage of the combustion engine also meant that users could also save money by prolonging their service intervals. Not to mention, the batteries lifespan is about three years.
The combi-mode would utilise the motor for initial movement of the motorcycle up to 20kmh, when the engine would kick-in to propel the bike and re-charge the battery at the same time. Slowing down at traffic lights, the low speed would kill the engine, and the bike would be back into electric mode with zero energy and zero emissions released while you wait for your turn to move on.  A fully charged battery and a full-tank of 4 litres of fuel would give a total range of 220km for the scooter, which is also being offered with a smaller engine capacity of 50cc known as GB500HB.
According to Revolution Manufacturing, the 80cc engine can bring the GW 800HB up to a maximum speed of 55 kph (34 mph) while the hub-mounted electric motor can push the scooter up to about 40 kph (25 mph). In hybrid mode, the engine would propel the scooter while providing a charge for the lithium ion battery. At low speeds or when coming to a stop, the engine shuts off while the electric motor takes over propulsion duties.

The company claims a range of 220 km (136.7 miles) with its 1 gallon gas tank and a fully-charged battery. The GW 800HB price is around RM8,000 (US$2,625). No specs were released for the GW 500HB, but it will use a 50cc engine and is priced at about RM7,000 (US$2,300). At those prices, the hybrid models will cost about 15% more than their gasoline-fueled competitors.

Production of the scooter has begun at their Dengkil factory and Hybrid Scooter would shift production to a bigger premise in Semenyih, Selangor which has a production capacity of 800 bikes per shift. Approved by JPJ to be on the road while the quality been audited by TUV from Germany, the company aims to produce 1,000 units per month with sales beginning by the end of the first quarter of the year. More details could be obtained fron www.gwheel.com.my

Serunai Emas Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Aubrey O’Hara said Hybrid Scooter Sdn Bhd had the sole manufacturing license for hybrid motorcycles in Malaysia from the International Trade and Industry Ministry. Serunai Emas is the marketing arm for Hybrid Scooter. Serunai Emas consultant Rajesh Kumar said the company was in talks with a major player from the local automotive industry to distribute its scooters, adding that it was also in talks with foreign parties to distribute its scooters in Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. According to Mohd Yahya, Hybrid Scooter is 90%-owned by Revolution Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, which also manufactures electric wheel chairs, electric bicycles and carts. The company has a paid-up capital of RM1mil.





GW 800HB Hybrid scooter specs:


Product Name: GW 800HB
Product size(mm): 1880x680x1160
Wheel base (mm): 1270
Ground clearance (mm): 140
Net Weight (kg): 93kg
Load Capacity: ≤150kg
Front tyre: 80/90-14 200kpa
Rear tyre: 90/90-14 220kpa
Under Engine Condition(80CC engine)
Brake distance: ≤7m(30km/h)

Starting: ≤15s

Noisance: ≤83dB

Headlight: ≥4000cd

Max speed: 55km/h

Grade ability: 20°

Petrol Consumption: ≤2.5L/100km
Engine: Single cylinder 4-stroke
Engine Size: 600x380x325 (80cc)
Displacement: 80cc (72ml)
Max power (kw./r.min) for 50cc: 3.1kw/8000±200r.min -1
Rated power (kw/r.min) for 50cc: 2.95kw/7500±200r.min-1
Max.Torque N.m(r/min)for 50cc: 3.8N.m at 6000±250r.min-1
Oil No.: 90#
Fuel Capacity:: 4L
Start mode: Electrical starting,foot starting
Ignation: CDI
Spark Size: A7RTC
Under Battery Condition
Motor: 800W brushless

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