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By • Apr 27th, 2010 • Category: Services
rapidpass pelajar
Klang Valley students will be able to enjoy additional discounts up to 50 per cent for all RapidKL bus ,Monorail and LRT unlimited services  through RapidKL’s new product, Rapidpass Pelajar.Enjoy greater savings in travel costs when you purchase RapidKL’s monthly pass.
new Rapidpass Pelajar is an extension to RapidKL’s existing Rapidpass which was launched in September 2009,  while with Rapidpass Pelajar, students can enjoy additional 50 per cent discounts and can be use with Touch ‘n Go service. The only difference is that, the remaining number of days will be displayed on the card reader. Foreign students  also can enjoy this privilege. .
To be eligible for Rapidpass Pelajar, users need to apply by bringing original and verified copies of their identity cards or birth certificates and student cards. The card is not transferable. RapidKL and Touch ‘n Go will also be setting up counters at various colleges and institutions of higher learnings from time to time.
Registration forms can also be acquired at any LRT stations and completed forms need to be submitted at the Pasar Seni LRT station. The 30-day period starts from the first day of usage each time the card is renewed. Monthly Rapidpass Pelajar renewals can be done at all 48 LRT stations.
Students can also opt for the EZ facility, whereby monthly renewals can be done automatically in the last week of the 30-day period, as long as the reload value in the card is sufficient. Rapidpass Pelajar can also function as a normal Touch ‘n Go card and can be reloaded at any Touch ‘n Go top-up counters or ATMs with the Touch ‘n Go reload facility.
Rapidpass Pelajar comprises:
1.RapidPass Pelajar Bas – RM50, for unlimited usage on RapidKL buses
2.RapidPass Pelajar IntegrasiRM100, for unlimited usage on RapidKL bus and LRT services as well as the Monorail.

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3 Responses »

  1. i wish to know when the counter for application of rapidpass pelajar open on the weekend? they will open their counter from what time to what time. thank you.

  2. Selamat Tengahari Tuan/Puan,
    Saya ingin membuat satu dua pertanyaan tentang RapidKL Pass Pelajar.
    1-Jika Saya memohon di tengah bulan Jan, katakan 19/Jan, macammana ia di kira had 30 hari, adakah ia bermula dari 19/Jan campur 30 iaitu, habis pada 17/Feb, atau faltrate bermula pada 1 haribulan setiap bulan?
    2- Berapakah harga minimum untuk mendapat kan satu pass pelajar dengan kad Touch N Go sekali?
    3- Jika saya ada dua anak yang mengambil pass pelajar, ada kah kedua dua mereka kena datang ke pejabat Pasir Seni untuk memohon?
    4-Boleh kah mereka memohon pada hari Sabtu, kerana, pada hari biasa, mereka kena bersekolah?

    Sila memberi khidmat nasihat kepada kami supaya lebih jelas lagi untuk mengelakkan kesusahan masa membuat permohonan nanti.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.
    Yang Benar,
    Wong Siew Cheong

  3. i wish to know when the counter for application of rapidpass pelajar open on the weekend? they will open their counter from what time to what time. thank you.

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