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The Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile ZINK printer enables wireless, ink-free on-the-go photo printing and sharing.  The Wasabi creates 2″x3″ wallet-size, full-color ZINK prints in under a minute.  Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled* camera phones, digital cameras and mobile PCs, the Wasabi makes the perfect travel companion for capturing and sharing moments, anytime, anywhere. This is the easiest way to give a memorable give such as pictures to lovers or a business card printed right away to customer without been hazard not bring any in pockets. so its good for impromtu situation and good mark for business man gadget.
Wasabi  Ultramobile Photo Printer
Print your memories as soon as they happen. Its small design and ease of use allows you to print anywhere and everywhere.
Print without wires using Bluetooth
Holds up to 12 sheets of adhesive-backed ZINK Paper
ZINK Zero-Ink Technology2 from ZINK Imaging means no ink is required to print
Don’t just take photos; let Wasabi  bring them to life. Instead of waiting to share your memories, print them right on the spot for everyone to see. And don’t stop there. With adhesive backing on ZINK Paper  paper, your photos can go further than just an album. So go ahead, unleash your artistic creativity by simply snapping a pic. Where will your photos go?
Explore your creative side with a little help from Wasabi. With the adhesive backing on every ZINK Paper  photo, you can express yourself in all kinds of new ways. All your photos can come to life, but it’s up to you on where they end up. And Wasabi is also available in your choice of three colors. Personalize your life; the possibilities are endless
Wherever you travel, Wasabi  is right by your side. Lightweight and compact, it fits in your pocket with room to spare. And there are no complicated drivers to install or any software to update. Simply charge Wasabi ’s battery and go!
With Wasabi,  ink is so yesterday. ZINK  Zero Ink2 provides vivid color to every photo by placing Amorphochromi Crystals inside the paper requires ZINK Paper  paper. It’s not magic, but you can say it is.
It doesn’t read minds, but Wasabi will alert you with “happy” or “sad” LED icons when your battery charge is low or high. Want more than one print of the same shot? With one-touch reprint, your wish is Wasabi ’s command.
Wasabi  can also connect wirelessly to your camera phone or computer via Bluetooth  technology. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, you can print via PictBridge USB connection from your digital camera.
Order replacement photo paper online and we’ll deliver it directly to you. Wasabi  is built to last and it comes with a 1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty.3 You have the option to purchase an extended warranty that can help protect you for either 2 or 3 additional years. Finally, Dell Forums put you in touch with other users to exchange tips and ideas.
dell wasabi Features:
Prints 2″x3″ borderless color images in less than a minute.
Uses 2″x3″ Dell ZINK Photo Paper, available in 2 or 4 packs of 12 sheets
Ink-free, no mess ZINK™ Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging renders sharp, vivid images.
Works with popular mobile phones like the RIM Blackberry Curve, LG Trax and Motorola RAZR V3.
Wasabi measures just 4.8 in. x 2.8 in. x 0.9 in. and weighs 7 ounces.
Sticky-back Dell ZINK Photo Paper is perfect for scrapbooking and decorating favorite surfaces – like lockers, message boards and laptops.
User-friendly, simple buttons and indicators make operation intuitive and easy.
Available in three vibrant colors – pink, black and blue.
Uses Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and PictBridge for physical connections.
Stylish high-polish ergonomic look offers a sleek design and an exciting, fun-filled experience.
* Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 with at least one of the following file transfer types: FTP, BPP, BIP or OPP.
Dell has released a photo printer that uses the same Zero-ink technology found in the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer and PoGo Instant Digital Camera. Dell’s Wasabi PZ310 Ultramobile Photo Printer holds up to 12 sheets of adhesive-backed ZINK Paper, and can connect to a digital camera via PictBridge or wirelessly to a camera phone or computer via Bluetooth.
ZINK Zero-ink technology replaces the hassles and expense of ink or toner with paper that is embedded with cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals. These crystals respond to targeted heat pulses of specific duration to form all the colors of the rainbow and produce prints that are long-lasting, smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-proof and fade-resistant.
The Wasabi produces prints measuring 2″ x 3″ (50 x 76.2mm) and the unit is small enough to fit in a pocket, measuring 4.8″ x 2.9″ x 0.9″(122.5 x 75.0 x 24.2mm) and weighing 225g (8 oz) with the battery. The 450mAh Li-ion battery can produce 15 prints per charge with prints produced in 55 seconds. For those without Bluetooth, the Wasabi can also be connected via a USB A connector.
Be warned though, not every Bluetooth enabled phone will work with the Wasabi Mobile Printer. They need to support the FTP, BIP or OPP Bluetooth transfer profiles. The Apple iPhone and G1 Android phones don’t currently support these transfer profiles so owners of those and other incompatible phones will be restricted to a USB connection.
“Magic Paper”
ZINK Paper™ is at the heart of ZINK™ Zero Ink™ Technology. ZINK Paper is an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside. When heat is applied in just the right way, full color images appear like magic on the paper – hence the term “magic paper”.
ZINK Paper unlocks the full value of your digital content world without any need for ink. Available now for 2″x3″ full-color prints, with other sizes, formats and finishes on their way.
We can customize the characteristics of ZINK Paper to meet the needs of a specific application and market. And, because ZINK Paper is manufactured in very large rolls, it can be produced and then finished in any size, in rolls or sheets, and on multiple base materials including paper and plastic. ZINK Paper can also be finished with an adhesive back.
ZINK Paper is the key to unlocking the magic of all ZINK-enabled products. While we at ZINK Imaging manufacture the ZINK Paper, it will be distributed to the marketplace by our partners in conjunction with their ZINK-enabled products. This will ensure that every ZINK-enabled device delivers a high quality experience.
Key Features of ZINK Paper:
* Zero ink required.
* Capable of reproducing millions of vivid colors at very high resolution.
* Earth Friendly.  Less waste – No cartridges, no extra packaging to throw away.
* Protected by a polymer overcoat, providing water resistance and image durability.
* Affordable for everyday use.
* Not sensitive to light.
* Long lasting and designed to resist fading from exposure to light, heat and humidity.
pack included:
1 X Original NEW DELL wasabi ZinK Ultramobile Printer PZ310
1 X Rechargeable Battery 1 X Quick Setup Guide
1 X Power Adapter 
1 X Power Cord
1 X Information Disc
2 X ZINK Photo Paper Packs (12 Sheets/pack X 2=Total 24 Sheets)
NEW DELL wasabi ZinK Ultramobile Printer PZ310 PRICE:
market price: rm 719
lelong price: rm 489

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