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The 2010 model of the popular powerhouse, Star Motorcycle’s VMAX is being made available through Yamaha dealerships with an exclusive priority delivery customer order program. Gaining attention from both the motorcycle press as well as riding enthusiasts, the model made its triumphant return to the Star line last season. Looking forward to a new year and a new model, the 2010 Star VMAX features a striking, new Candy Red paint scheme. The bold, next-generation interpretation of motorcycling’s iconic muscle bike, the reinvented VMAX has at its heart an all-new 1679cc four-valve, DOHC liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that uses YCC-T fly-by-wire throttle and YCC-I variable intake length technologies, a five-speed transmission with slipper-type clutch, shaft drive and 200/50 R18 rear tire.
Just as innovative, the chassis of the VMAX is an all-new design with a lightweight aluminum frame and swing arm, fully adjustable forks and single rear shock, Brembo®-designed brake master cylinders, wave-type brake rotors, and ABS.
Visually powerful, the engine’s iconic VMAX aluminum intake covers are hand buffed by craftsmen for superb quality and individuality, testament to this bike’s unique stature.
The pre-order program runs through until November when deliveries of the limited production motorcycles are scheduled to start delivery.
Understanding the tough economic times riders find themselves in Star Motorcycles has arranged special retail financing and are offering a two-year warranty for owners who purchase through the priority delivery program.
Star Motorcycles is pleased to announce that the 2010 VMAX will go on sale at Yamaha dealerships beginning today via an exclusive priority delivery customer order program and continue through November 30.
Just as innovative, the chassis of the VMAX is an all-new design with a lightweight aluminum frame and swing arm, fully adjustable forks and single rear shock, Brembo®-designed brake master cylinders, wave-type brake rotors, and ABS.
The 2010 Star VMAX price WILL AT $19,500.
 2010 VMAX 1679CC PRICE
Star is also pleased to announce special retail financing available for the 2010 VMAX, with rates as low as 5.99% APR for 72 months for qualified customers who place their order and deposit during the priority delivery period.
2010 Yamaha Star VMAX key features:
Compact 65-degree, four-valves-percylinder, 1679cc V4 engine
Downdraft four-bore fuel injection with YCC-I intake technology and YCC-T fly-by-wire throttle
Lightweight aluminum chassis puts the engine low and forward for mass centralization
Slipper clutch, wave-style brake discs, master cylinders, ABS, and complete suspension adjustability front and rear
Oxidized-titanium coated 52mm front fork tubes, magnesium engine side covers, fluorinated polyethylene fuel tank
Organic electroluminescence multifunction display
The thunderous 1679cc, 65-degree, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-valves-per-cylinder, DOHC engine pumps out astonishing power to reinvent the VMAX legend.
The sportbike-proven Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) switches nearly instantaneously between 150mm and 54mm intake funnels as needed for a broad powerband that delivers optimum performance at any rpm.
Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), the fly-by-wire system, delivers optimum acceleration under all conditions.
Engine combines four-valve technology with a high 11.3:1 compression ratio, forged aluminum pistons and NGK® Iridium spark plugs with R1-type direct ignition coils to extract maximum horsepower from the fuel charge.
Cams are driven by a combined chain and gear system to precisely control valves while keeping cylinder heads remarkably compact for such a large displacement engine.
Hydraulically activated clutch includes racetrack-proven ramp-type slipper clutch system that makes braking from speed while downshifting smoother.
Five-speed transmission has superbly spaced gear ratios to take full advantage of the engine’s awesome power in straight-line acceleration or through the canyons.
Four-into-one-into-two-into-four exhaust system with EXUP® delivers a broad, seamless powerband with the right VMAX look.
Delivering this power cruiser’s muscle to the street means a beefy shaft drive just like its predecessor. Special shaft design includes two cross joints to accommodate the fat 200/50 R18 rear tire.
The high-performance engine is cooled by two radiators for efficiency and clean looks. Lubrication is via a simple, reliable wet sump system. 
The chassis is light and compact, with a cast aluminum main frame, CF die-cast and extruded aluminum rear frame and cast aluminum swingarm. The result is superb rigidity balance for both hard acceleration off the line and corner carving.
Cartridge-damper-type front forks have substantial 52mm inner tubes with oxidized titanium coating. Forks have both compression and rebound damping adjustability plus spring preload.
Link-type Monocross® rear suspension has a piggyback reservoir and features compression and rebound clickers, plus remote preload adjustment.
VMAX uses Brembo®-designed master cylinders, the front with radial pump and reserve tank. Large 320mm wave-style dual front discs are matched to radial-mounted mono block 6-piston calipers. On the rear wheel, there’s a 298mm disc, also wave design, and single-piston caliper. These high-tech brakes also incorporate three-position ABS.
Tapered handlebar provides a muscular 1-1/8” diameter look at the triple clamp while using conventionally sized controls.
18-inch radial tires, 120/70 R18 front and 200/50 R18 rear, are mounted on cast aluminum five-spoke wheels.
For mass centralization that contributes to the bike’s lean looks, the 4 gallon (15-liter) fuel tank is mounted under the seat, with the filler under the rider’s backrest. Tank is constructed of fluorinated polyethylene with superb permeability resistance.
Additional features:
Electronic Control Unit (ECU), with three microprocessors to control fuel injection, ignition, YCC-T, YCC-I, meters and other electrical components.
The instrument panel includes an analog, step-motor driven tachometer and digital speedometer with LED indicator lights.
Organic electroluminescence multi-function display provides a more precise display vs. LCD and includes clock, fuel meter, trip meter with fuel reserve trip meter, transmission gear position, coolant temperature, stopwatch and more.
H4 60/55W headlight provides excellent visibility and distinctive style, while the trick-looking LED taillight is light, bright and highly efficient.
Rare earth magnet AC magneto puts out a robust 420W at 5000 rpm.


The new VMAX, sold through Yamaha dealers, comes with a five-speed, multi-plate slipper clutch transmission, and a 1679cc V-4 engine. The bike also has a Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) which switches at once between 150mm and 54mm intake funnels, a Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), and a fly-by-wire system that helps increase acceleration and create a broader powerband for better performance. The chassis of the new VMAX is a lightweight aluminum frame, fully adjustable forks, Brembo designed brake master cylinders, and wave-type brake rotors.
year: 2010
price: $19,500
Curb Weight: 683 lbs.
Displacement: 1,679 Cc 
Energy: Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
Transmission: 5-speed
Engine: liquid-cooled 65° V-4, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder
Torque @ RPM: 123 lbs/ft @ 6,500 Rpm
Top Speed: +/-170 mph
post your top speed 
Horse Power @ RPM: 200 Hp @ 9,000 Rpm


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