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By • May 9th, 2011 • Category: Mobile Phone

Today RIM announced two new BlackBerry QWERTY bars to join the Bold lineup – the Touch 9900 and Touch 9930 with 10.5mm slim feature. Both smartphones feature 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreens LCD with a VGA resolution (that’s 287 ppi density), slightly redesigned QWERTY keyboards, 5 megapixel cameras with 720p video recording, 8GB of internal storage and microSD card slots also run on the newly announced BlackBerry OS 7

The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 is a GSM device with quad-band GSM and tri-band HSPA+ support (up to 14.4Mbps HSDPA). While the Bold Touch 9930 is a dual-band CDMA phone with support for quad-band GSM and dual-band HSPA+ global roaming. The connectivity package is impressive alright – there is dual-band Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n at 5 GHz, NFC support, GPS with A-GPS and Bluetooth.

The BlackBerry Bold Touch price on 9900 and 9930 will become available this summer, but there is no info on the pricing yet.

RIM has also improved the processor of the Torch and the Bold to 1.2 Ghz, 8GB of additional memory available, support for high-definition video (HD) 720p and the ability to 4G HSPA network.

new  BlackBerry Bold also features ‘Augmented Reality’ technology to support location-based applications, where users can feel a new experience, which displays information about what they see through the camera in a BlackBerry smartphone.

 Applying the BlackBerry OS 7,  faster Internet browsers, HTML5 support, the ability to store content in a separate personal and professional productivity through applications developed in the device.

The new Blackberry Bold is also using the  ‘Liquid Graphics’ touch screen, a major function is powered by the BlackBerry OS 7. This new function provides the best navigation performance and the responsiveness of applications such as video games, photos and more. In addition, the graphical display to 287 dpi to produce a visual display more accurate and interesting.

Apart from the display and recording high-definition video, users can share video and other media such as music and photos directly through their computer or smart phone using Media Sync program is available in the BlackBerry Desktop software.

Compared to previous years, this might be competitively bid by RIM. Has maintained the classic design of the BlackBerry, smart phone is thinner and increasing the processor and memory are much better than previous models.

The central concern of many observers of technology, they are less confident that RIM can compete with a variety of devices and Windows Android Phone tons currently in the market – not least is the new model iPhone. However, the announcement is the latest model BlackBerry Bold, RIM shows efforts to stay relevant and competitive.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 Specifications:

•115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, approximately 130 g
•2.8″ capacitive touch screen display – VGA (640×480), 287 dpi resolution
•Ultra-easy QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad
•1.2 GHz Processor, 768 MB RAM
•8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards
•NFC technology
•5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording
•Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
•Built-in GPS / aGPS
•Dual-Band Wi-Fi® – 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n at 5 GHz
•Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR support
•Wireless Network support:
•9900: Tri-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
•9930: Dual-Band CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A, Dual-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
•1230 mAh removable, rechargeable battery
•BlackBerry 7 OS
•Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor

•Tri-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE (9900)

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