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Currently, Italy is celebrating its 150th year of unification, so it’s a full-fledged flag flying holiday and Nolan helmets is celebrating and promoting the Made in Italy slogan. Being an Italian helmets for along history, Nolan helmet has proven as a good among helmets and the quality helmet resemble an Italian heart. 


Altough its surrounded by the usual political controversy between the north and the south of the country,  Nolan Helmets has ads their helmets for unity because the Nolan Group has been making helmets since 1972 and since all their production line entirely in Italy, they’ve gone with the patriotic angle with this ad depicting the hat and sword of those soldiers who united the country long time ago.


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  1. LeoPaiva disse:Já vi muita coisa nessa vida, agora essa de pintura TIGRESA foi o máximo, chego até a duvidar da â€aâœientrçãoo€ do francês que teve essa idéia ( sem preconceitos ).Enquanto o AESA não vem o Rafale vai de zoião mesmo.O avião da Mulher Maravilha é invisível, esse talvez seja o avião da Mulher Gato, quem sabe…

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