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By • Feb 28th, 2011 • Category: Mobile Phone


Despite the shift towards Windows Phone 7, Nokia will still ship a MeeGo device this year.The successor to the Nokia N900 will be called the N950. It appears at least one Nokia device will be released with the new OS, and that device looks set to be called the Nokia N950. Little information has emerged about the handset, but Nokia CTO Rich Green recently revealed a few details. Green went on to reveal that “there’s a lot of work that’s gone into the technology” of the N950, and that “there’s a lot of really interesting user interface and platform design work, some very elegant hardware.”

It’s unclear whether the Nokia N950 will closely resemble the N9 (pictured) that was abandoned due to the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. It’s been suggested that the slide-out Qwerty keyboard might be sacrificed, although this wouldn’t tally too well with the N900 comparison.


It looks like the Nokia N9 may be dead after all, as Nokia CTO Rich Green has named the company’s first MeeGo device as the N950. At Nokia’s Developer Day, Nokia’s CTO Rich Green gave an extensive talk about the future of current Nokia platforms, MeeGo included. He said that they’re working hard on the N950 and have come up with some “very elegant” hardware and interesting UI.

That’s all we have on the Nokia N950 – the Nokia N9 (which was rumored as the coming MeeGo device) might have been canceled and Nokia showed absolutely no new devices at the MWC.

Speaking at Nokia’s Developer Day keynote last week, Green revealed that the Nokia N950, as its name suggests, will be the sequel to 2009 Maemo-toting N900. No images of the device were shown, and Green didn’t go into detail describing the design or functionality of the device. 

According to speculation however, the N950 will be a fully-touchscreen handset, with Nokia reportedly scrapping the QWERTY-wielding Nokia N9-00. If the forthcoming handset turns out to be the “MeeGo superphone” which leaked earlier this month, we can also expect to see a 1.6GHz processor, an 854 x 480 resolution display, NFC integration, HSDPA and WiFi speeds and 512MB of dedicated storage.

The Nokia N950 is expected to land later this year, although it sounds aimed more at developers that Nokia’s mainstream fan-base, with Green assured the attending devs that the N950 is well-stocked as a developer platform.

Green assured the attending developers that the Nokia N950 is well-stocked as a developer platform and says “we’ll see how that goes”. It sounds like the N950 is aimed more towards devs than the mass market user (not surprising since MeeGo was re-targeted towards long-term market exploration).

Nokia’s strategy still relies on Qt development for both Symbian and MeeGo and pushing forward with Java on Series 40, so work on those platforms continues. S40 will be getting a new Ovi Browser that aims to bring mobile Internet connectivity to hundreds of millions of people

Nokia N950 Features:
Meego platform, 4G connectivity, Touch Screen, 1GHz processor, music player, Video Player, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS with aGPS support

Nokia N950 SPEC:

•Network Connection: Quad band GSM
•Camera – Yes
•Full Touch Screen display
•Expandable Memory Card
•Multi Format Music Player – MP3
•Bluetooth v3.0

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