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200 units  superbike named Honda CBR250R motorcycle which is launched by Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd at the Sepang F1 Circuit is target for annual sales. the new CBR250R is available in two versions: the CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with Anti-lock Brake System. The 250cc model was introduced in Thailand in October 2010, is now entering a vehicle ready to build up (CBU) for the Malaysian market and sold in two versions, namely CBR250R standard at RM18, 799 per unit and the ABS CBR250R at RM21, 799 for the 2011 CBR 250R price. The new, fuel-injected CBR250R offers everything you want in a first-time bike: Light weight. A powerband that’s immensely user-friendly. Excellent fuel economy. Unmatched reliability.

ABS system  introduced in the model CBR250R is for customer satisfaction while improving efficiency and safety of riders in control the brake system, making it the first 250 cc bike model in the world equipped with the system.

The new CBR250R uses a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer. Sure that’s tech talk, but the architecture offers some very real advantages. Maybe the most important is power delivery: a single offers the kind of torque and midrange power that’s well suited for all levels of riders. The option of Honda’s Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is a perfect matchup with a bike like the new CBR250R. ABS helps you cope with unanticipated challenges and stop with added confidence. Designed to be more sporty, safe and comfortable.

Design is more aerodynamic model is shown with a unique front and rear lights, but practical, according to the tastes and lifestyle of young generation of today. In addition, the digital speedometer is a modern and sophisticated futuristic design will provide full information to the rider.

The model is also known as Honda MC41 offers the driving comfort, speed, affordable and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is low. It uses a liquid cooling engine 250cc DOHC single cylinder four-stroke engine that meets Euro 3 emission standards. Fuel system technologies are well-known Honda PGM-FI and the sensor 02 with a catalyzer in the exhaust. Standard version features three attractive colors of red, gray and black with a total weight 161 kg, while the ABS version is available choices of red and gray with the weight of 165 kg. Because it’s a single-cylinder machine, the new CBR250R is narrow, and with its low 30.5-inch seat height and light 359-pound curb weight, putting your feet down in parking lots or at stoplights can be a lot easier.


Honda CBR250R Specifications:
Model Name: CBR250R
Model Type: Honda MC41
Dimension: 2.035 m x 0.720 m x 1.125 m
Wheelbase: 1.370 m
Ground clearance: 0.145 m
Seat height: 0.780 m
Curb weight: 161 kg (STD) | 165 kg (ABS)
Riding capacity: 2 people
Minimum turning radius: 2.5 m
Engine type: CS250RE, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC Single-cylinder
Displacement: 249 cm3
Bore x Stroke: 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm
Compression ratio: 10.7
Fuel supply system: Programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
Starter type: Self-starter
Ignition type: Full-transistor battery ignition
Lubricating type: Wet sump
Fuel tank capacity: 13 L
Clutch type: Wet multi-plate with coil springs
Transmission gear ratio
1-speed: 3.333
2-speed: 2.118
3-speed: 1.571
4-speed: 1.304
5-speed: 1.115
6-speed: 0.963

Reduction gear ratio (primary, secondary): 2.808 / 2.714
Caster angle / Trail: 25°00 / 95 mm
Tire size
Front:110 / 70-17M / C
Rear :140 / 70-17M / C
Brake type
Front:Hydraulic disk
Rear :Hydraulic disk
Suspension type
Front: Telescopic
Rear : Swing arm (Pro-link suspension system)
Frame type: Diamond

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18 Responses »

  1. From what i have read in the media that this is a very good bike, i need a bit more information about this machine, such as dealers in seremban,
    and when this bike is going to be on sale, what is the minimum down payment for this bike, will appreciate earliest reply, TQVM

  2. motor ni tarak kt malaysia. import dari Thailand.bole order laa, tapi regi over 18k. woot

  3. harga dia dlm RM21k++ utk yg ada “abs”…. murah giler beb…. gua nak booking 1…. yg biasa dlm18k++ aje….. murah giler klu banding dgn kwasaki tu…. so.. klu npk gua kat atas jalan…. toleh…jgn tak toleh.. hahaha

  4. wa pun dah order pun….OTR RM20500 untuk basic type…RM23500 untuk ABS type….jom laa…kita ramai2 pakat beli…..nanti kita ble wat club plak…heheh

  5. hmmm.. mmg menarik perhatian… d/pymnt brapa? new beginner for motor besaar sket nie.. skrg pakai skuter jer.. bosan dgn jem bila bwk keta, so cbr250 nie sesuai ker utk long distance? kl- kedah?

  6. Is this kick start or electric starter.

  7. From the pics, cannot see any kick starter

  8. klu compare dgn kawasaki 250r, cbr ni single silinder, kawa 2 silinder,price lbh kurang tp kawa bbaloi..specs dia pun ok..tepuk dada tnya selera,duit korg punya,ikut suka korg laa..

  9. Honda malas nk design piston baru, depa amik je mana2 piston dari 1000cc punya moto he he.

  10. Saya udh beli motor cbr 250 abs performa Nya Bagus aerodinamis. Tapi jujur di Indonesia modifikasi cbr Lebih unggul Exhaust R9 harga 55juta rupiah specs or glam Dari kelang minat modifikasi international Indonesia gudangnya say a bisa merskit meson unggul motor race apapun

  11. J u a l. Beli knalpot jepang di Indonesia Specs. Packet. Cbr. Top one. Oil from America for motor racing

  12. Use. Astra Honda motor. Part for. Cbr. In. Indonesia. It’s endurance, Japanese first Honda genuine part of Indonesia please contact me at Edysystem@rocket mail.com all Honda parts which is. Genuine,official and reliable only from astra Honda motor Indonesia we sell lubricant from America racing helmet international

  13. Btol ke kat Thailand harga bawah RM10k? Tengok kat youtube top speed 155km/h

  14. Model ni dan Kawasaki Ninja 250, mana lebih baik, laju?

  15. kalau dah sampai sarawak berapa harga?

  16. agak2 berat dye mencabar x?
    lebar dye?sesuai untuk jem kat malaysia?

  17. ada x harga & design tuk model cbr repsol250????? gua minat nk beli ni…rasa tercabar lak lau x beli…harga sama ngn cbr250 biasa ke mahal cket???

  18. kalau nk laju belilah Kawasaki,skrg sy pakai cbr 250 top speed cuma 150kmj je,cubcai pun boleh potong

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