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Sensonic N520 GPS  will be available at Malaysia IT Fair at a promo price of RM599 only! Also free home charger and Bluetooth stereo headset. N520  is the enhanced version of the all time best selling N520 model GPS with major improvements to both the hardware and software. Integrated with  800×480 HD LCD to double screen resolution, you can enjoys vivid color and crispy clear view of maps and video file. Deployed more powerful Atlas CPU (from IV to V), delivering stunning 3D visualization, smoother and fluid screen movement and maps during life navigation. Also essential to provide rapid re-calculation of routes – expecting immediate corrected position when a wrong turn is taken.
Galactio V8 HD navigation software with many new intelligent features added like Day-Night view. During night, darker screen background color is activated automatically to reduce glaring and eye fatigue. User settable  option of 3D junction view – Half or Full screen display for precise guidance. Many useful alerter for speed camera, Red light camera and ERP gantry.

An additional map called SLA (Singapore Land Authority) is provided on top of MFM. When travelling to Singapore, user may opt to switch to this map, an official map data provided by Singapore Land Transport Authority. Map update is available from www.galactio.com. The map is very current and accurate and allow user to locate destination by Postal Code search also.
Stay current with maps update provided by www.malfreemaps.com, a community maintained website that constantly update map changes of Asean countries. The site boosts extensive database of POI like restaurants, hospitals, hotels, workshops, bank, petrol kiosks and realistic 3D junctions of 1,100 in 2009 (still increasing) for Malaysia and Singapore.


Select from millions of Points of Interest (POI) along your route or at your destination and you can easily find nearby hotels, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, etc which is searchable by keyword.The quick function is to remember road names and house numbers and can save an unlimited number of favorites for quick start. Furthermore, Day-Night view on Screen during night, darker screen background color is activated automatically to reduce glaring & eye fatique.

Many new useful utility software are also included notably electronic dictionary and 300 Chinese poem scripts. Games, MP4, Music Player, E-books, Calculator functions are also added
For info, The N520 GPS features a map update available, junction view in full or half display of 3D picture for precise guidance. Also a multi-language electronic dictionary installed with English – Chinese – Malay – Cantonese. It give lane keeping assistance for lane guidance and realistic signposts assist in choosing the right lane.


It is very friendly screen interface with streamlined and intuitive workflow. Tidy user interface and uncluttered screens. Unnecessary complex functionalities are excluded. Where else,the sophisticated route calculation is to calculates not only fast, short, and economical route variants, but also easy-to-follow routes, which include fewer and simpler maneuvers, using main roads where possible. All that by using the intelligent keyboard,  the smart keyboard speeds up address entry by completing the most likely city and street names. The smart history ‘learns’ the user’s behaviour and habits, and offers a ranked list with the most likely destinations based on the current GPS position, previous routes, day of the week and time. In addition, it recites 300 Chinese poem scripts by switching language option to Chinese and pre-loaded with multi countries map & licensed software including Malaysia mapSingapore map, Thailand map and Brunei map.


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