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The Naza Blade, which is actually a rebadged Hyosung Comet offers a punchy performance but with affordable bike price which are RM18,700 for the blade 250R and RM29,188 for the blade 650R. with latest version of the Blade 250 cc and 650 cc at the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow  2010, new Blade EFI is more powerful and importantly more affordable naza blade ever. The new fuel injected engine used to improve its already impressive power & torque performance. Still within the 33bhp for those on restricted licences this bike is perfect for the inexperienced rider, regular commuter or as a second bike for those who need a rest from being scared silly on 1000cc machines.



NAZA Bikes has Introduces BLADE EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) starting price From RM16,600. The new version of  both the Blade 250 cc and 650 cc are equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) specification as compared to the previous carburetor model. Two variants of the Blade 250 cc are available – naked bike  and sportsbike. As for the Blade 650 cc, only the sports model is available. The technology for both models is through a collaboration between NAZA Bikes and Hyosung of Korea.

Naza Blade has been in the market since 2005 and has gone through rigorous road tests before it was launched. Very popular among the youngsters between the age group of 25 – 35, Blade is normally used as a commuting bike. The model has gone through a few specification changes to meet the local demand with the latest change being the EFI engine specification.



Both models are locally assembled at NAZA Bikes factory in Shah Alam. The market for local assembled 250 cc and 650 cc is growing from year to year. The market for local assembled 250 cc is expected to close the year at 1,500 units whilst the 650 cc  should register around 1,300 units” said Dato’ SM Zulkifli SM Amin, the Group Chief Operating Officer, NAZA Motor Group

NAZA Blade is the second most popular model for locally assembled 250 cc and 650 cc. For Blade 250 cc we expect to increase our market share from 28% this year to 35% next year and for the Blade 650cc, our target is to capture a minimum of 20% market share in 2011. We believe with this two new models supported by our marketing activities, NAZA Bikes will become a bigger player in these two segments”, said Dato’ Haji SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, the Joint Group Executive Chairman of NAZA Group of Companies.


The EFI engine gives better control on fuel volume, injection and ignition timing with the Electrical Control Unit (ECU). It also gives better acceleration and lower fuel consumption. The Euro 3 standard for emission is more environmentally friendly. Both Blade 250 cc and Blade 650 cc are competitively priced with the former retailing at RM16,600 and the later at RM22,000.



NAZA BLADE 250 EFI specs:

Engine: DOHC 8 valve oil cooled
Displacement: 249cc
Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection
Starter: Electric
Power Output: 21.5kW (28.8hp) @ 10000rpm
Max Torque: 22.68Nm (16.7lbs-ft) @ 8000rpm
Cylinders: 2
L x W x H: 2060 x 655 x 1125mm
Wheelbase: 1445mm
Ground Clearance: 130mm
Dry Mass: 171kgs
Gears: 1 down 4 up
Brakes: Front double disc, rear disc
Tyres: 110/ 70-17 54H front
150/ 70-17 69H rear
Fuel Tank: 17 litre
Seat Height: 780mm

NAZA BLADE 650 EFI specs:
Engine: DOHC 8 valve water cooled
Displacement: 647cc
Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection
Starter: Electric
Power Output: 82hp @ 9000rpm
Cylinders: 2
L x W x H: 2060 x 655 x 1125mm
Wheelbase: 1435mm
Ground Clearance: 130mm
Dry Mass: 208kgs
Gears: 1 down 5 up
Brakes: Front double disc, rear disc
Tyres: 120/ 60-ZR17 55W front
Tyres: 160/ 60-ZR17 69W rear
Fuel Tank: 17 litre
Seat Height: 780mm

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11 Responses »

  1. what different with naza blade 250r and 250r EFI??
    Price on the road??

  2. minimum downpayment n monthly 4years??

  3. Empat sportbike 250cc dalam pasaran Malaysia sekarang ni, iaitu Banchee Magelli 250r, ninja 250r, cbr 250r dan Blade 250r. Motor yang teruk dalam pasaran ada cbr 250r. Sebabnye adalah cbr 250r ini mempunyai ciri2 yang sangat teruk iaitu bunyinye memang serupa macam enjin 150cc dan sebab itulah ramai yang tak suka moto tersebut. Banchee pula bunyinye agak unik sekali sebab bunyinye lebih kurang macam 150cc tapi bunyinye lebih dalam lagi dan pasarannye semakin meningkat berbanding cbr 250r itu. Ninja 250 pula bunyinya juga unik dan designnye sangat lawa tetapi minyak tak jimat berbading tiga sportbike yang tersenarai tadi. Naza Blade! Moto idaman ku! Sportbike yang diminati orang, Naza Blade ni antara sportbike yang paling bergaya dalam Kelas 250cc. Segalanye sempurna dalam moto ni, designnya, topspeed dan bunyi yang sangat unik oleh enjin Vtwin itu. Bunyinya lebih kurang macam ducati dengan adanya sistem EFI moto ini antara raja segala 250cc sportbike. Braking sistem juga sangat bagus dengan adanya dual dics brake di depan membolehkan Naza Blade ini brek dengan cengkam sekali berbanding sportbike 250cc yang hanya mempunyai single disc brake. Designnye ibarat superbike 650cc dengan bodynye yang sangat besar bagaikan menunggang superbike 650cc atau lebih. Topspeednye hampir mencecah 180kmh mampu bersaing dengan ninja 250r. Harganya sangat murah berbanding sportbike 250cc yang lain. Moto ini sesuai bagi penunggung sportbike yang beginner. Saya syorkan korang beli moto ni dan korang akan berpuas hati. Saya baru ke 17 tahun dan saya beli moto ni tahun lepas dan tiada masalah langsung. Selepas beberapa bulan saya memakainya saya tukar ekzos kepada two brother racing dan bunyinye sangat sedap sekali! Belilah moto ni ye! Bye

  4. Saya tak pernah membawa sportbike tapi sangat berminat dengan Naza Blade ni. Kalau menunggang motor Ninja 250R
    ianya sangat sesuai untuk beginner macam saya sebab handelnya yang agak tinggi sikit. Memandu Naza Blade tentu seronok
    tapi mungkin agak kepenatan sebab terpaksa membongkok. Boleh ke handelnya tu di tukar macam Ninja 250R.
    Saya memang tak tahu pasal motor ni ..tolong terangkan..

  5. I once ride the bike but is 650naked and I fill that it’s hp is stronger than the versys650.Using a Maxsym400 currently,thinking of owning 650N OF COURSE it’s a Blade.I admit that the oil filter can’t be foundin any workshop but still it can be found if u just look around a bit.Missed the big bike feeling!Take good care of the bike and I think it last forever. Bit of suggestion, guys from Naza changed the headlamp design found both they’re R n N,can be a great facelift! Nice bike!

  6. boleh ke bunyi blade 250 ni di tukar bunyinye mcm kawasaki z800 mengaum2 mcm pkai akrapovic?

  7. berkenan dgan produk blade.. target untuk memiliki naza blade 650n…

    zul.. tidak mungkin blade 250 vtwin engine inline2.. boleh dimodified sehingga menyamai z800 inline 4…

  8. minat gak dgn blade ni. aritu member pki ducati kat sebelah bunyi mcm sama je dgn blade. tp mesin ade lain la bunyinya. bunyi berdegup tu yg sedap(rpm rendah & exhaust besar sikit)

  9. Dengan harga 23k untuk 650cc, blade nie satu2nya motor paling berbaloi untuk dibeli di malaysia.

  10. kalau minat denga 600CC above, saya suggest pakai lah Benelli TNT 600. engine four inline, 600cc, italy design china make… guess cost berapa…..

    RM29,000 sahaja.

  11. Purchased Blade 650 cc on 26/1/2015 . Penang Malaysia
    On the 5th day after riding notice oil leaking at the right side of the front absorber.
    Replace at Naza center ,near stone bay restaurant on the 8th day(meter 452 km)
    On the same day less than than 40min ride from the center till gurney plaza ,
    temperature rose to the maximumn,stopped and call the center.did no go back as busy with
    15 feb.2015 was riding on the hill side, fuel meter showed 3 bar,but actually was empty.
    Found out after engine stopped suddenly and owning this bike for only two weeks,was
    totally lost. Fortunate a very kind and helpful Malay boy on his bike offer his kind assistance
    and even call his mechanic friend,en johari to help. This is how we found out the tank is empty.
    So we bought two container to buy fuel and the bike is able to run again.Thanks to the kind
    gentlemen.Ride all the way home without further problem(but notice the meter stilled show 3 bar).

    16feb. 2015 morning start the bike with the meter still showing 3 bars, stopped at petronas to fill up
    to almost full-tank. Start the bike with full tank of fuel and the meter is still showing 3 bar.
    Please advice if any through your experience, if this is a faulty meter or something else.
    What l’m trying to say is the temperature meter rises rapidly while riding on a busy road especially
    during traffic jamm whereby you use low gear(is this suppose to happen).

    Thank you and hope to received some good tips from your good side

    Paul wong

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