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There are several pharmaceutical companies that have introduced medications and ‘plasters’ that can gradually reduces the smoker’s urge to have a puff.  Niquitin Patch is a continuous stream of therapeutic nicotine. Whether you’re a heavy or light smoker, NiQuitin Patches can help you stop smoking for good. They use unique SmartControl® Technology to deliver a controlled and continuous stream of therapeutic nicotine around the clock. This will help protect you from cravings whenever they strike.  Choose from the clear or opaque NiQuitin Patch. The clear patch is almost invisible and very discreet. You can apply it to your arm, back or chest. Just choose a clean, dry and hairless part of your skin to make sure it sticks and get 24 hour protection from cravings.


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK) has launched NiQuitin, a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)  available in a patch  to help smokers quit smoking. This ‘NiQuitin patch’ can effectively reduces the urge for tobacco as it only takes five minutes for the urge to dissipate.  It comes in the form of three  packs with different doses – 7, 14 and 21 mg.

For the Niquitin price, a pack of seven sticks sells no more than RM75. The patch is suitable to be plastered on body areas that are hairless or that which have minimal hairs.

“The patch should be pasted on different places on each occassion including on  the back and on buttocks for the skin cells to regrow. This could also prevent discomfort and other forms of irritation,” said Prof Madya Dr Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamad, the head of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Academy.

He said:”Each treatment lasts three months and the use of the patch should not exceed six months. The three-stage treatment takes 12 weeks before producing the desired outcome”.

The NiQuitin patch works in three phases. For the first six weeks the patch used is that of 21mg dosage. This followed by the 14mg dosage in the next two weeks. The patch with 7mg dose is used in the final two weeks. The patch is worn round-the-clock.

The introduction of NiQuitin marks a significant milestone for GSK, as it will be the first time in Malaysia that GSK will reach out through advertising to consumers to create the awareness that they can seek assistance in NiQuitin to help them quit smoking.

It is clinically proven to double the chances of success for smokers to quit smoking compared to willpower alone by delivering a measured dose of nicotine to the smoker. It therefore stops or reduces the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It has been studied in over 40,000 smokers globally with proven efficiency and safety.



  For many of us morning cravings can be the worst. That’s because the level of nicotine in our body has dropped right down. NiQuitin Patches offer a continuous stream of therapeutic nicotine throughout the day thereby protecting you against those tough morning cravings. It is recommend 24 hour use for maximum protection from morning cravings, but if you prefer you can remove your patch at night. Niquitin patches come in three different strengths (or Steps), which means they deliver different levels of therapeutic nicotine to your body. The NiQuitin 3-Step Plan is set to help you stop smoking:

1) For 6 weeks, start with the Step 1 (21mg) NiQuitin Patch if you smoke 10 or more cigarettes a day. (Go straight to Step 2 (14mg) if you smoke less).
2) For a further 2 weeks, change to the Step 2 (14mg) NiQuitin Patch. (Alternatively start with Step 2 (14mg) for 6 weeks if you are a light smoker).
3) Finally, move onto the Step 3 (7mg) NiQuitin Patch for 2 weeks.

Following the step-down programme will let you gradually wean yourself off nicotine so you can quit for good. For extra support talk to your GP or pharmacist.

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  1. I tried the 2mg tablet for 2days surprisingly I only smoke half the no I used to after taken niquitin. Hope I can eventually free from cigarrette in few weeks

  2. Hi, i want to know where can i buy nicotine patches in malaysia?

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