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By • Jun 22nd, 2010 • Category: Vehicles


The new Green machine is on the corner. Kawasaki has released this official sketch of the new Ninja ZX10R 2011 superbike and this teaser video that really doesn’t show us much. This video of the next Kawasaki ZX-10R has just been released by the Japanese firm as it attempts to get both the road and racing bikes on top of the 1000cc class as the new SBK Akashi.
Kawasaki has taken development of the new ZX-10R so seriously that it took the decision to hold back on bring the bike to market for an extra year to make sure it was as good as it possible could be. But the manufacturer from Akashi is betting on it and have even launched a mini website Kawasaki Challenge.com telling us that the new Ninja racer has been seriously under development.
The clip shows a racing version of the bike Kawasaki is hoping is good enough to win the World Superbike championship for the first time since Scott Russell took the title in 1993. Since then the Kawasaki racing effort has been an almost complete failure as firstly the ZX-7RR was too old and a 750cc fighting against bigger capacity bikes and the ZX-10R seemed unsuited to racing.
 Begins with the release of a sketch and a video ‘teaser’ approach to the presentation – which will probably in late summer – the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R model year 2011. The timetable for the new superbike House Akashi are indeed “ripe” because the life cycle of the current model ends, the canons being spent four years of stay on the market.
Last summer, having “found” technical drawings of a new engine “flat” (with horizontal cylinder bank) secured by Kawasaki at the international patent office, we assumed the technical exploration of new horizons by Japanese engineers, the research, perhaps a higher level of drivability, as occurred in off-road by Husaberg Yamaha first and then with their latest single cylinder.
The little information that can be inferred from the material released today seem rather to define a completely new design but not too far from the typical layout of a 4-cylinder superbike. The frame of the movie where the bike without keels is fixed to the bench test shows the double beam perimeter frame is aluminum, the fork-arm section of generous differentiated, the alloy wheels and a tail with three races in style Z1000 “(thin and not too fired up).
The shock should be much inclined with progressive linkage and positioned above the central part of the swing arm, probably to make room for the exhaust system, with pre-chamber located below the pivot element oscillating and low muffler on the right side. As for the fork, it is almost taken for granted the intriduzione Showa BPF, as has already been done on the “sister” ZX-6R.
The sketch shows taut lines and multifaceted, with the big mouth air intake located centrally on the windshield to maximize the pressure of fluid intake. Extreme is also the quest for better aerodynamics, with a plexiglass much inclined, and perhaps an area to “double layer” for the sides of the fairing.
As for the technical data is not known but obviously nothing in our opinion it is conceivable to achieve a given tree declared 200 bhp (without direct air induction), in the wake of last trend launched by BMW with S1000RR, capable of 193 hp, the most powerful superbike series currently marketed. Among the advantages of the new Ninja superbike will certainly also a level of highly advanced electronic control of power, with multiple mapping and traction control.
The site dedicated to the new Kawasaki (www.kawasaki-challenge.com) will gradually proposals all the updates on the launch of the final model: we constantly keep an eye on … so stay tuned!
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