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The presence of cellulite existence are due to hormonal deficiency and imbalance, family history, stress, eating habits and because of inappropriate clothing causes the body especially the skin on stomach, thighs, buttocks and arms looked cracking like oranges skin texture. Understanding, the Zuccari Malaysia appear to solve the cellulite problem through the latest beauty products,

Fisio[line]. Patented as Zuccari Crackle Technology comes in liquid form, it will turn into active mousse foam when rubbed on the skin. Mousse spreads into the skin epidermis increases the kinetic energy of the active ingredients and at the same time to absorb and act to get rid of cellulite in 14 days on certain area.

Research scientist for Fisio[line], Dr. Massimiliano Conti from Italy told what Fisio[line] has the high absorption of active ingredients compared with the line of other products on the market . Fisio [line] is the best selling products in Europe, especially in Italy which is now available in 52 countries around the world. And now in Malaysia Pharmacies, Fisio[line] price sell at RM130 for 200 mililiter .


The revolutionary answer to cellulite!

fisio[line] is a revolutionary new product developed in Italy to tackle cellulite. It uses crackle technology to ensure that the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the dermal layers. It contains a variety of the elements which can help to reduce cellulite and benefit the skin such as Green Tea, Caffeine, Aloe and Chilli Pepper. Clinical tests by the University of Ferrara in Italy show that crackle technology improves the penetration of the mousse containing the active ingredients into the dermal layers. Because the product is shaken before use, the kinetic energy of the active ingredients is increased when the mousse comes into contact with the heat of the skin.

*Please note that it is normal to hear a “cracking” sound when you massage the mousse into your skin and after 3-5 minutes, you will notice a tingling effect and a reddening of your skin. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, this will return to normal after approximately 30 minutes.

fisio[line] Cellulite mousses works in 5 key ways:

-Reactivates the microcirculation
– Draining effect
– Anti-oxidant effect
– Smoothes and soothes the skin
Stimulates the metabolism

What it can do for you
– Reshapes your body by reducing cellulite hidden under the orange peel skin.
– Stimulates the breakdown of fatty accumulations and mobilizes the fatty acids in the adipose tissues.
Treats skin blemishes by restoring the natural balance of stressed skin and stimulates a correct and neat skin regeneration.
– Restores the functions of the capillaries clogged by the accumulation of toxins and fats.


What makes it special
– Sold in 52 countries worldwide.
– A patented product with the most revolutionary cosmetic technology (Crackle Technology®).
– Effectiveness and safety data established through 4 years of intensive research and 6 years of clinical tests.
– Removes cellulite from the deepest layer (3rd layer) of the skin.
Burns body fats at the fastest rate in the shortest time span. 
– Natural with no side effects on long term usage.
– Can be applied anytime at your own convenience without going through expensive and complicated therapy.
– Gives a light tingling and bubbling feeling and leaves the skin smooth and fresh.
– Recommended to use with exercises.
Who should use it
– Anyone who wishes to remove cellulite. 
– Individuals with orange peel skin, stretched marks or blemished skin.
– Individuals who are overweight or obese and who wish to reshape their body.
– Individuals with the ideal body weight but have fats accumulation in certain parts of the body.
How to use
– Shake the bottle, turn it upside down and dispense a small amount of Fisioline on the area concerned.
– Smooth the product in by using soft circular movements from the peripheral areas to the centre for complete absorption.
– Repeat this procedure twice a day as an initial treatment.
– Brown algae, Aloe, Birch, Caffeine, Carnitin, Asiatic Centella, Ivy, Genistein, Chilli Pepper, Green Tea, Theobromine and Bromelain.
Another problem that only plagued the fairer sex is cellulite, which is commonly known as the orange peel skin but what is not known is that it is a disease and a health hazard.

Pointed out Dr Conti, “Cellulite, is also known as cellulitis or celulitus. Medically, it is called Oedematous fibro-scle rotic panniculopathy (OFP) and is in fact a veritable disease. A simple explanation for cellulite is that it refers to deposits of fat trapped in pockets beneath a person’s skin. Its lumpy appearance is caused by fat pushing against the connective tissues that reside just below the surface of the skin. It normally affects areas such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips.”

“The main causes of cellulite are hormonal insufficiency and fluctuations, family history and stress, bad eating habits and inappropriate garments. Cellulite develops through 3 stages. The first is the Predisposition phase (incubation period) where the skin becomes flabby due to the initial swelling. Next is the Oedematous phase also known as “orange-peel skin” when fat cells swell and move further apart from each other. The third stage is Fibrous phase, where tissue begins to become sclerotic and loses functionality. At this phase, pain can be felt even in the absence of mechanical stimulation.”



Comprising 12 key cellulite-busting component, Fisio[line]®, uses the breakthrough crackle technology to effectively delivers to the core of the problem.

Explained Dr Conti, “Most products available in the market use the massage technique for absorption which can only penetrate as deep as the epidermis and not beyond that.” Any penetration beyond the epidermis would require the use of radar which is would be hazardous to the health if used frequently.

However in the case of Fisio[line]®, the crackle technology which uses high pressure that allows the liquid to penetrate further and reaches the dermal layer where the problem of cellulite starts.

“Fisio[line]® is in liquid form. When it is dispensed, it transforms into an active mousse, which lightly bubbles or ‘crackles’ as it is massaged into the skin. This phenomenon, combined with the heat of the epidermis and the massaging action, increases the kinetic energy of the active ingredients to the point where they actually penetrate the skin and arrive right where they are needed: the cellulite layer.”

He added that clinical tests had proven Fisio[line]® to have an excellent anti-cellulite effect. The uniqueness of the product is the patented Crackle Technology®, which increases the penetration rate of the active ingredients.

“It is normal to hear a ‘crackling’ sound when you massage the mousse into your skin and after 3-5 minutes, you will notice a tingling effect and a reddening of your skin. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, this will return to normal after approximately 30 minutes,” explained Dr. Conti.

The cellulite mousse works to reshape the body in five key ways; reactivation of the microcirculation, draining effect, anti-oxidant effect, smoothens and soothes the skin and finally stimulates metabolism.

With daily application, (morning and evening especially before exercise) Dr. Conti assured that most women will be able to see results within 14 days of using Fisio[line]®.

Fisio[line]® contains 12 effective components to fight cellulite. Brown Algae, delivers the rebalancing action, which is a valid help in treating blemish. It is characterized by a high number of nutrients which help restore the natural balance of stressed skin while Capsicin stimulates the microcirculation, which is essential to mobilize fats and toxins from the tissue and Carnitine which is an amino acid that speeds up the fats metabolism, strengthening the effect of topical formulas, thus increasing their power.

Another of its components, Kelp (Fucus vesiculosus) provides a delicate, rebalancing action that is useful in the treatment of superficial cellulite effects. The presence of numerous nutrients helps the stressed skin to restore its natural balance. Iodine acts as a stimulant of the metabolism, accelerating lipolysis while Common ivy (Hedera helix L.) is efficient in the treatment of the superficial effects of cellulite. It also has a remarkable anaesthetic action, which facilitates deep massage by relaxing the tissue.

The presence of Birch (Betula alba L.) acts to stimulate the elimination of metabolic wastes and toxins through the kidneys and facilitates urine production. It is a useful auxiliary in the treatment of fluid retention and Centella asiatica (Hydrocotile asiatica L.) restores the function of capillaries previously obstructed by accumulated toxins and fats. By improving blood flow, tissue oxygenation and drainage are also increased. The area is quickly cleared and takes on healthier aspects as venous stasis (waste-rich stagnated blood) is reduced. Tissue repair takes place more quickly.

Xanthines contain caffeine that plays an important anti-edematose role since it stimulates drainage and removal of stagnating fluids. It also mobilizes the fatty acids in the adipose tissue while theobromine effectively stimulates the breakdown of fatty accumulations.

One of its components, Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is famed for its health qualities while Green Tea (Camelia sinesi) helps fight the action of free radicals that seriously damage the cell membrane and Genistein which is a phytoestrogen obtained from soy stimulates the production of elasticity and hyaluronic acid, two components that improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Finally the last of its components, Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) Aloe stimulates correct and neat skin regeneration, having a beneficial influence over the production of collagen and connective tissue.

Fisio[line]® is already a best-seller in Europe, especially in Italy and is currently available in 52 countries worldwide. The patented and revolutionary Crackle Technology® coupled with 12 key cellulite-busting components provide the optimum effect in removing cellulite, orange peel and even stretch marks.



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