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LG BL20 Chocolate has been launched with attractive personality and 3G compatibility. This slider handset looks very cute in black colored casing. Like most of the other Chocolate series handsets the BL20 is a slider with a smooth black glossy coat and a touch sensitive navigation and shortcut system. The rich red keypad and side with its large keys makes for a visually appealing, comfortable to use system. The slider itself is extremely smooth and glides up or down with ease. The 2.4-inch display is easy on the eyes even in bright sunlight. Feather touch buttons have been sued for the volume/zoom and the camera keys located on one side
Instead of including a 3.5mm socket on the handset to kept it as slim as possible, LG has gone with a universal micro  USB slot on the side for PC, handsfree and charger connectivity. The handsfree has a 3.5mm adapter so you can use your own earphones if you like, though the bundled set is very capable and comfortable to use. A 5MP camera with an LED flash is at the rear and a secondary VGA camera is placed in front. The MicroSD hot swap slot is under the rear panel.
BL20 is a good choice for a multimedia handset. However the lack of any social networking tools will make it difficult to consider as more than just a media handset and a style statement. Social Networking is a vital selling point of any handset and that makes the BL40 quite vulnerable. 
THE LG Chocolate series has many fans because of its stylish looks, and the expectations for the LG BL20 slider phone are high.
Appearance aside, is the phone user-friendly?
The phone is the latest to have a combination of touchscreen and keypad, which seems to be a winning formula for LG, and the user interface is simple and to-the-point.
It comes equipped with a 5MP camera, which takes excellent pictures and includes a zoom and flash function, as well as other shooting options.
Texting is made a little easier – the phonebook can remember the last three people you’ve texted. You can also save your favourite contacts on a Rolodex-style shortcut, letting you see your favourite people and call and text them faster.
It has a Widget Hotkey, which appears to act like a personal assistant, accessing functions like your weekly schedule, weather update, alarm and other useful information.
There is also a unique feature called the clear memo capture, which lets you take better photos of handwriting and drawings, with a TextScan option to allow you to store them.
Although I had no use for this function, it could come in handy for students or executives who might not readily have a pen and paper handy.
On the other hand, the phone does have a few issues. The biggest is that the touchscreen is a little too sensitive. One slight slip of the fingers and other shortcuts will pop up. Those with unsteady hands or who are used to texting on the move will find it a problem.
The phone’s casing is also a little delicate. The back cover kept coming loose whenever the phone was slid open. The phone itself is also a fingerprint magnet, needing to be cleaned frequently.
And despite the BL20’s fantastic camera, the video recording function was sub-par, while the music player was passable. Function also slowed down as more photos and music were added.
This phone is good enough for texting and making calls but it’s not designed for anything further than that. Besides a few juicy additions, the phone is probably better suited for those who prize looks over functionality. It retails for RM1,099.
– Anansa Jacob THE SUN

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