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The new 2010 Kawasaki ZZR1400 sports touring model gets a Sport Edition kit with an Akrapovic 4-in-2 carbon exhaust which saves 6.5 kg on the bike. ZZR1400 Performance Edition ,both are the 2010 Limited Edition with the addition of accessories and with increase of 5 hp is achieved and the ZZR1400 also gets the Double Bubble front.  The price of ZZR 1400 Performance Edition is set at 16,272 euros fc , up by almost 1,700 compared to € 14,590 euros needed to buy the standard model.


Kawasaki proposes a 2010 a series of models which is redesigned, built and improved with accessories, as earlier New 2010  Z1000 and Z750 models. By 2010 in addition to proposing the new colors Kawasaki ZZR 1400 in a captivating version of “Performance Edition ”, the new accessories been create and that make the Kawasaki models a real objects of desire to captivate and satisfy all types of motorcyclists.

ZZR1400 Performance Edition will bring the acceleration of your emotions.New Akrapovic exhausts and accessories transform your emotions into ecstasy. Supersport and Lightweight mufflers with Akrapovic slip-on system offers superior performance and top tuning. Scratch resistant, aerodynamic design screen baffle option offers greater security protections. This is a special display that provides primarily a pair of Akrapovic silencers mounted slip-on which contributes to a significant reduction of the total weight of the exhaust system. Are covered by Manufacturer’s warranty for two years and fully complying with the approval of road traffic.

With its 4-cylinder engine capable of 1352 cc 193 hp at 9,500 rpm and 154 Nm at 7,500 rpm the ZZR 1400 is currently, along with the Suzuki Hayabusa 197 hp, the big sport-touring most powerful on the market. “Gaze” shark strikes fear just looking at and beneath the hull lies a cutting-edge technology , such as aluminum monocoque frame doubles as a tank. ABS is standard and cycling shares are real sports, with content wheelbase and 1,460 mm Rake 23 ° only.

codon stands on the seat cover to match the bodywork (available for all colors) that makes the car sit for a look even more sporty. Limited only by the inability to assemble together in a trunk. The dome, which is already quite extensive and very aerodynamic gains protectiveness with the installation of a dark smoked plexiglass scratch resistant with a deflector to divert the run-up to effectively wind velocities. The tank is then applied a three-piece protective adhesive gel made of resin with logo ZZR 1400 “and the effect of carbon fiber.

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  1. I would like to know how much it is on this model; “NEW KAWASAKI 2010 ZZR1400 PERFORMANCE SPORT” ( your quotation price is 16,272 euros)
    Please quote to me exactly.
    Pichet MD

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