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 Maxi-scooters that reduce fuel consumption with little 125cc come from thailand , Honda PCX 125i is pretty close to the best two-wheeler luxury scooter Honda has ever made. PCX 125i is equipped with Honda latest CV-Matic (V-belt variable transmission), the latest Honda PGM-FI, and the Honda PCX 125i is a Hybrid motorcycle (acceleration from 0km/h powered by a electric motor) which save fuel.  The overall look of the Honda PCX scooter has a smartened up look as well, it has more the looks of one of the larger Honda scooters.The price is not exactly known, but some people with knowledge are saying it would not be much more then the Honda AirBlade-i. The new Honda PCX was created for riders who desire the compact, economical advantages of a 125cc scooter and the modern, fashionable good looks more often associated with larger-displacement machines. In every aspect, from its low-noise, low-emissions operation to its easy handling and contemporary image, the Honda PCX is designed as a practical, fast and fun ride.

At Honda, ‘small-displacement’ never means a compromise on comfort or style. The Honda PCX is a perfect example of this principle. Its styling is youthful with a long, low and curvaceous shape.
The Honda PCX is also the first Honda scooter which is equipped with Honda’s new CV-Matic, which is a reliable V-belt transmission design, which offers a complete shiftless convenience transmission without losing unnecessary energy by doing so.
Moreover, PCX will be the world’s first 125 cc model which will be equipped with the ACG starter which combines a cell motor and alternating current generator and helps achieve the compact engine size and significant reduction of starting noise.
The Honda PCX is complemented by a electric starter, which due to the latest re-designed PGM-FI (fuel-injection) systems will start the Honda PCX 125i under all weather, humidity and temperatures, although there is a kick starter, just in case you forget to turn of the light. As with a lot of Honda’s, the Honda PCX is fitted with a key slot cover for better protection against theft. The kick starter on the Honda PCX 125i can be really useful because you can’t bump-start an automatic.
The “idling stop system,” which automatically stops the engine when the motorcycle comes to a temporary stop, was adopted to improve fuel economy (except for the U.S. model.) In addition, PCX conforms with Thailand’s Emission Standards at level 6 as well as the current exhaust emission standards in Japan, Europe and the U.S. with Honda’s electronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI*1) and a catalyst device (catalyzer) installed in the muffler.
Finally, all PCX models will be equipped with the CBS (Combined Brake System for the front and rear wheels) which helps achieve stable braking performance. Communications systems break a standby hydraulic drilling fastener with a 3 piston brake system of the structure of the new PCX.  Company to Buy brake system as a hydraulic.  That comes with a 3 cylinder drilling fastener. To be used for the first time in Thailand.  Ensure the next level with the same safety standards Europe.
Anti-Theft Alarm System
 Anti-Theft Alarm System with remote control alarm systems.
 First of motorcycles in Thailand.  built in The new standard anti-theft system that built in.
 With motorcycles. The system sends voice and fire alarms immediately.  When the vehicle is mobile or vibration. Moreover Move global policeman Medicine cars with performance engines is also very high performance
-A dark-tinted windscreen gives the scooter a modern image as well as providing wind protection for the rider. Its sleek contours integrate perfectly with the full-bodied front cowl.
-Its dual headlight design is flanked by sleek, upward-slanting indicators, giving the front an exclusive look.
-The high-tech instrument panel has a speedometer needle that sweeps the dial at ignition, hinting at the fun to come. The cockpit also features an indicator for the engine’s innovative Idle Stop switch, a fuel indicator and other practical readouts, adding to the vehicle’s modern feel.
-The scooter incorporates a low seat height and long, spacious footrests creating a secure and relaxed ride feel that complements its smooth performance. The comfortable seat incorporates back support for the rider and a generous pillion area.
-Underneath, its lockable storage compartment holds a full-face helmet with room to spare.
-In addition, a convenient glove box is provided at the front. If more storage space is needed, the rear carrier can also carry a optional 26-liter top box.
-operates with a quiet, smooth proficiency.
-With a lightweight, compact SOHC configuration, it is surprisingly powerful, delivering quick starting acceleration.
-It also integrates a liquid cooling system with the radiator built into the engine for compact size and light weight.
-The engine features a Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system that ensures seamless, effortless power delivery via the smooth V-belt transmission, while also reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
-The Honda PCX delivers an impressive 46 kilometers per liter with Idle Stop, which means plenty of riding enjoyment between trips to the service station to fill up its 6.2-liter tank.
-The engine’s fuel efficiency is boosted even further by the addition of an innovative Idle Stop Switch, a first for Honda. When the Idle Stop function is enabled, the engine will automatically stop running after 3 seconds of idling. It then re-starts when the throttle grip is twisted. Idle Stop mode is enabled or disabled via a convenient switch on the right handlebar, and improves fuel efficiency by another 5%.
-The throttle on the Honda PCX is completely computer/electronic controlled, not like carburettor motorcycles/scooters where a wrist movement actually opens something mechanical in the carburettor. For the fully computer controlled Honda PCX nothing mechanical opens or closes when you open the throttle. A electronic sensor registers the position of the throttle and signals the ECU, the ECU controls the fuel-injection and the Alternative-Current Cell starter-motor which is powerful enough to start the engine before you can actual notice it – it is indeed very difficult to hear that the engine restarts because the starter motor is remarkable without sound.
-Honda PCX is based around a tubular steel underbone frame. Complementing the low seat and extended foot area, the 1,305mm wheelbase creates a feeling of easy, stable balance. The turning radius is short, easing manoeuvres in tight spaces.
High quality 14″ tyres add to the comfortable ride. The lightweight five-spoke cast aluminum wheels are stopped by a smooth-acting Combined Brake System. This system effectively equalizes the forces applied to a 220mm front disc brake and a sturdy drum brake at the rear, giving smooth, progressive braking that adds to stability and boosts confidence.
-The scooter’s suspension systems are developed for light, easy control and smooth comfort. A responsive a¸ 31mm telescopic front fork and a compliant unit swingarm rear suspension with dual dampers combine to ensure a stable, cushioned ride.



The PCX 125i spec:
-newly developed low-friction,
-Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder 125 cc engine,
-Fuel Injection
-125kg(dry weight)
-6.2L(fuel capacity)
-achieving excellent fuel economy of approximately 50km/liter (ECE 40 MODE).
 If Honda has equipped its 125 i PCX line so special, is to seduce a young and dynamic target.  Its forms long, low and rounded and the front style gives it a unique presence and dynamic expression of luxury.  However, the scooter 125 includes a wide range of safety equipment and comfort: double optical light, bubble tinted, low seat bi-place, long steps, large trunk under the seat, glove box, full instrumentation on the Scoreboard . everything is thought for the welfare of the driver and his passenger.
With its compact body, the scooter offers a wide legroom, low seat height (761mm) and a short wheelbase (1305mm).  Ownership is greatly simplified when the behavior is stable at high speed as in the caps.  Always chassis side, the PCX 125 i was attended by 14 inch wheels 5-spoke aluminum alloy and dampened by a 220mm front disc and is our only regret, a rear drum.  Depreciation is assigned to a 31mm telescopic fork in front and a swing arm dual shock rear.
 The other mini-revolution Honda PCX 125 i is on the engine.  By combining its single cylinder 4 stroke to a system shutdown / reboot automatically shutdown called “Idle Stop”, Honda has taken a great step ahead of its competitors. With this system, the scooter has an average consumption of only 2.17L per 100 km for 280 km of autonomy.  However, the performance is to rendezvous with a 0-50m shot in 5.5 seconds . Also on the program, an alternator-starter brushless, a liquid cooling system radiator with compact integrated unit, a belt drive V-Belt and an electronic fuel injection PGM-FI.
The scooter PCX 125 i will make his debut in Honda dealership in Spring 2010.   The saddle will still black and dark gray wheels.  The toughest may select optional accessories among the long list proposed by the brand top-box of 26 liters, tall windshield, electronic alarm system, etc.It remains now to see how Honda will offer its price scooter .
HONDA PCX 125i colour variant:
-Black Nighthawk
-Silverstone Metallic
-Goldbullion Metallic


owner review from thailand forum:
The engine is that quiet it is unbelievable. One point of concern I found was once I picked it up I filled the tank to the brim. I completed about 125 KM and the gauge was about 4 nodges of the 9 down. I suspected gauge innacuracy. Went to fill up and took 2.8 litres. Works out at 44.6 KM/L. Was gobsmacked. The gauge is accurate.
One bone of contention is that the rear shock absorboers are none adjustable. If I get some lardarse on the back I will be lighting up the sky at night. The lights are fantastic of a night. The alarm is a comforting factor.
It would be hard to compare this bike with the yamaha elegance as it is the next generation of scooter. Perhaps not to everyones taste but it’s up to the individual. Overall with the underseat storage. Better with a top box. I think the extra is worth it. I did expect a better power output from the engine from a modern 125cc injected engine. I am sure there will be after-market additions available shortly.
Good biking and ride safely.
i took a pcx today for a test ride, firstly the price is 72,000 baht the showrooms have them, when the bike is stationary whilst on it, traffic etc after 3 sec the bike knows and turns off automatically, then at the turn of the throttle it wakes up again ( well starts up) it was very quick the response time.. Lights green accelerate (motor is off) accelarate within a fraction of a second the motor turns on, easy and simple… It is fuel injected, looks futuristic thou a smaller version of t-max. The dealer couldnt say what accesories are available as of yet.. it has quite a lage understorage seat compartment, similar to the nouve yamaha elegance, it has plastics like a glove box that opens similar to a car, small very small.. The ride, well i had the bloke sitting on the back from the dealer lol, the ride was smooth the suspension was good, over the bumps it felt very solid and does feel solid, the acceleration was smooth very smooth, thou the power i must say i wasnt to impressed..The comfort was superior it would be great going for a nice long ride on this, comfort 10/10 anyway they are at your dealer most in thailand, so get of your ass up and look instead of writting and dreaming on the contrary they are in dealers whoever wrote production starts in november is and was wrong, there in store…

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  1. can you tell me how much and can it sent to usa

  2. Honda PCX 125i good pice

  3. My brother in-law brought one 3 weeks ago for 72,000 baht. I took it for a test drive today and I bought off him for 70,000 baht. This is a very nice scooter to drive when you in Bangkok, Thailand. The best feature about this scooter that I love is: engine on standby. If the scooter is not moving in 1 minute the engine automatically shot down (on standby). And the moment you turn the trotter (in one second), the engine kicks in and accelerate like it was normal.

  4. let me know the awailablity in india , the price , and dealers ,….

  5. What is the price like in malaysia??

  6. have the [pcx] four 1 day love it ,handy- quick – silent – cheap in use – and easy parking and only 2450euro,s great

  7. Just comeback from Phuket.

    Rented this bike for Bath500 for 2 days.
    Loving it for its power, can easily climb steep hill at Katu with pillion.
    Quite a big compartment under the seat.
    Good for town use.

    Hope that Honda Malaysia will bring this in, & the price should not be higher than Modenas Lagend or Sym 200.

  8. I’d like to rent this in phuket. Nel, can you tell where did you rent it from?

  9. looking price in malaysia rate,please hurry..”,

  10. Sorry for late reply Maree,

    Lots of places at Patong Beach rent this type of bike. I got mine not far from Andaman Beach Suites.

    I’m thinking of revisitting Patong this 8 April for its Phuket Bike week.

  11. Wonder if this is coming to Malaysia?

  12. Yes..next year will come to malaysia market..

  13. I’m interested to purchase one unit. Where’s the nearest dealers ?
    I’m in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. If u need to import how much will it cost me.

    I’m waiting for your response early response.

  14. its CKD..

  15. is it available in malaysia sabah for dis bike? i really love it….

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  19. Sir/Madame:
    Could you please send me a catalog of Honda PCXi 125? If ever, please addressed it to:
    Dante Salapa
    Zone- 11TH Tejero Subd. cor. Firetrel St. Patag Highway,
    Cagayan De Oro City, 9000, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.
    Contact Numbers: +639356946685 / +639339794531

    I’m intersted the unit/model. But I wanted first to see and read all the details of the specifications of this scooter.

    Thank you so much.

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