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2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400/600

By • Feb 17th, 2010 • Category: Vehicles
2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400 600
Maxsym, an exciting maximum scooter with excellent horsepower and body design is the embodiment of high technology from SYM. There will be two engine variants with 400 cc and 600 cc, which is probably from a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine powered with 4 valves. For the tasteful consumers looking for a dynamic, powerful, safe, and comfortable ride in and out of the city. SYM proudly presents a stylish and distinctive model which will excite and thrill the riders. The irresistible design and curves combined with its remarkable horsepower and disc brake system will give maximum value for riding safety.
2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400/600

2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400 6002

For savvy consumers looking for a dynamic, powerful, safe, and comfortable ride in and out of the city, SYM proudly presents a stylish and distinctive model which will excite and thrill its riders. Sym seems that there is no global crisis, it is the only brand specializing in scooters to be submitted to the Hall EICMA in Milan with a luxury megascooter Maxsym, an exciting maximum scooter with excellent horsepower and body design is the embodiment of high technology from SYM.
Although aesthetics too conservative and very Burgman-style looks like a cross between 400 and 650 of Suzuki, Maxsym generally appears as a rival to take into account competition in this market sector.
The general is a GT, the driver’s seat separated by a low but broad support for the passenger, who also enjoys lumbar support, with the ability to stretch his legs and behind a tall front windscreen with transparent . It lacks details such as a parking brake or an assortment of compartments in the contrescudo.
2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400 6001
For this new engine, which will equip Maxsym versions 400 and 600 cc, the brand announced a good level of performance and power, which should get a good response from the chassis, suspension and brakes to match the circumstances, viewed megascooter new size. The engine is quite a mystery, because we have no official data on it until its presentation at the EICMA in Milan, but almost certain to be the evolution of LC 4T single cylinder engine and 4-valve SOHC, electronic injection.
2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400 6005
With over 50 years of technical experience and expertise, sym brand promise is grounded in a long commitment to quality and products built to last. Sym 5 brand attributes are realised in the context of real life with an understanding toward the needs in different cultures. Thus, the Taiwanese manufacturer would offer so far in Japan, and Italy currently rules the market of a reasonable alternative.
Sorry for lack information, the scooter in question seems very well finished and ready to begin production. so until further..
2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400 6003
2010 SYM SCOOTER MaxSYM 400 6004

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36 Responses »

  1. Very interesting. I already own SYM250i EVO that makes me smile all the way with comfort cruising 120-140 and max speed 160 with my current body weght.

    Fuel consumption wise if drive 5000-7000rpm i nearly clinch the 42kmh /liter fuel consumption average (Fuel tank is 12 liter, so = 504km per tank). Thanks to their VIP technology and their Intelligent EFI system, the power to weight ratio works efficiently that makes the rev at low torque effortless and fuel savvy while cruising at high speed. FYI: My weight is about 115kg.

    Hopefully, they will incorporate this new model with the technology above or even better their new STCS (Swirl Tumble Control System) technology.

    My only comment about this new model is the side mirror which is a bit “dorky”. It has do away the modern and stylish like EVOi side mirror.

    Price wise, I hope Sym and MFORCE could introduce the price range between 26k – 32k for this model. If they think about high volume sale with that price range then it will be a value for money for most of us; Malaysian.

    WELL DONE SYM and their distributor in Malaysia: MFORCE.

    Hmm…Malaysiaku dah modern tapi tax kete and motor still like 3rd. world country or even worst compared to some developing country.

    Sighhhh…talking about high-income economy konon. Inflation goes sky rocket like nobody business. What is the use of high-income economy if inflation is sky rocketed.

    Sorry of topic a bit.. :))) ….

  2. need more info of Sym & prices!!

  3. I need more information on the SYM 400 scooter

  4. is come to malaysia??

  5. please let me know ASAP.. is it sym 400i & 600i come to malaysia? what is the price of those bike

  6. is it coming to malaysia

  7. I’ll definitely get one once arrived into Malaysia… /me using Evo 250i now.. and very satisfied with the performance.

  8. Coming to Malaysia????? I’m very happy with my evo 250i performance overall. maxi scooter look alike and high performance…worth for money. 9/10 rating…overall. Need more detail about this 400i especially the cc..tq

  9. need more info of Sym & prices!!

  10. need to now 400 maxspeed,600 max speed?

  11. Last week my friend saw a 200 cc Suzuki scooter with a price range similar to the Sym 200… anyone else know about this? Been surfing the net but can’t get info except for the Burgman model..

  12. Is Yamaha TMax coming to Malaysia and how much?

  13. Apa yang pastinya, model SYM 400cc dan 600cc ini adalah dari model SUZUKI BURGMAN kalau tak silap saya.

  14. SALAM AND GOOD DAY YO ALL SYMMER OUT THERE, I 125% AGREE WITH BRO ZIGG …whatever he posted here is all about SYM…I am one of the owner off SYM250 evoi and i am

  15. SALAM AND GOOD DAY TO ALL SYMMER OUT THERE, I 125% AGREE WITH BRO ZIGG …whatever he posted here is all about SYM…I am one of the owner off SYM250 evoi and VERY VERY SATISFIED of the performance as well. HOPE TO VIEW SYM400/600 cc as soon as possible when it comes to Malaysia. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT.


  16. Heard so much about this bike. I am now using the SYM 200 GTS. Need to change to a bigger cc. Waiting for the SYM 400/600 cc. When is it coming to Malaysia and at what price?

  17. Owner of SYM GTS200 model 2008.
    Some problems faced;
    1. The exhaust chrome cover, the first cracked and had replaced with a new one, the second one fell off on the highway recently due to part of the bracket came off.
    2. Exhaust pipe broked in two due to excessive vibration from missing screw (big one), lost the screw twice.
    3. Rubber piece at the support stand missing causing severe friction to the undercarriege.
    4. Currently unable to start had sent to 3 mechanics, battery, spark plug, oil change, carburator svc, gears, alot was done, can start & go from workshop but on the following about to go to work unable to start?
    5. where is the best mechanic to repair SYM scooter.

  18. Owner of SYM 250i.
    Can’t wait for SYM 400/600….
    Agak-agak bile boleh berada d pasaran Malaysia.

  19. Salam…

    Model ini dengar cerita akan keluar hujung thn ni…….
    dengar kata 400cc bawah 30k dan 600 bawah 40k……bawa pada harga ER 6
    x tahu betul ke x…..keluar memang saya ambil………kilang kat Alma bukit mertajam

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  21. Kalau lebih daripada rm27k untuk 400cc mungkin kurang dapat sambutan..Harap2 tak lebih dari 2..Paling afdal pun dalam rm26k atau 25k..Atau ramai yang akan stick dengan 250cc sahaja..

  22. We are specialist for automotive consultant in malacca and one of panels worksyop for malaysia goverment. Worksyop at Ban Zen motor and Karismatik tekno woksyop.

  23. Sym need specialist modification for body part desiner

  24. terbaik…bila nk lunch kt malaysia nih?

  25. Sym 400 launched in Malaysia. Check it out at nearest bike shop.:

  26. Selamat sejahtera. Saya amat berminat dgn rekabentuk motor ini. Boleh tolong beritahu di mana saya boleh pergi melihat motor yang sebenarnya? Boleh beri alamat kedai yg menjual motor sym scooter maxsym 400 @600cc ini.
    Berapa harganya?

  27. Salam hormat,

    Pelancaran bagi MaxSym 400i dan T2 250cc akan diadakan pada
    19 May 2012 di Penang. Harap maklum.

    Berdiskusi bersama SYM Owner di:

  28. welly motor di Sg Buluh & Sri Gombak
    SYM 400CC harga lebih kurang RM26,000

  29. sya dah pow memiliki mexsym 400i……ia memang memuaskan….senang mengendalikan dan tidak terlalu berat..kelajuan nya melebihi 180khj..dan cukup menjimat patrol.

  30. Dh try kenkawan punye 400, nampak cam ok. So sy nempah sutir wat ride. Bleh diguna pakei. Cuma long distance lom cuba. Pick up bleh tahan tp x leh lwn gilerra 500. Side mirror kurangw ngancam, anyway hepi riding with sym400

  31. Sekarang sy dah milik n dah rasa kepuasan menunggang sym 400 mmg berbaloi

  32. Bleh tak sym Msia mnjmput semua sym 400 owner Padang satu mjlis suaikenal

  33. Sy sokong sgt kalu nk wat gathering max i, sym kena sediakan makan ler..

  34. Wala! Really good bike but back rest need to remove then only look better anyway the best bike for me.

  35. Mahu tahu price sym 600 abs i

  36. Any idea when Sym 600 is coming to Malaysia? Eagerly waiting for it.

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