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By • Jan 13th, 2010 • Category: Health & Personal Care
miCoach Pacer by Adidas equipment ready for physical trainer, sport player, and who want to be fit. This sure a good companion during training and encourage us to focus on training. This real-time audible coaching in your ear working with every MP3 player. This new gadget for measures your heart rate, distance, pace, stride rate, calories burned, and elapsed time
 miCoach Pacer Key Features:
-Run better with real-time audible coaching
-Works with any MP3 player (if you like to listen to music while you run) With a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack
-Measures your heart rate, distance, pace, stride rate, calories burned, and elapsed time
-Syncs to adidas.com/micoach where you can track your progress, see a detailed analysis of your run and receive online coaching feedback
miCoach Pacer Pricing
-Suggested retail price: $139.99 / 119.99€ (regional prices may vary)
-Bundle includes Includes miCoach Pacer, Heart Rate Monitor, Stride Sensor, USB Cable and Headphones 
miCoach Pacer:
Pacer interacts with the stride sensor and heart rate monitor. Press it at any time to hear real-time information on pace, distance, time, heart-rate and calories burned. It works great by itself, or if you prefer music, it’s compatible with every MP3 player.
miCoach Pacer specs:-
-Size: 56mm x 41mm x 16.75mm
-Weight: 22.9g
-Attachment Method: Clips to workout apparel or MP3 holder via clip on back of unit
-Audio Interface: 1/8” stereo headphone jacks (TRS connector)
-Power: Rechargeable 125mAh lithium polymer battery
-Battery Life: 10 Hours
Workout Time: 10 Hours
-Charge Time via USB: 3 Hours
-Sensor Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol to Heart Rate Monitor and Stride Sensor
-RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
-Sensor Communication Range: < 2.5m
-PC Connection: 1/8” TRS to USB series “A” connection (cord included)
-Operating Temp: -15 to +40°C
Heart Rate Monitor:
Every runner is different. Every heart is unique. miCoach takes the guess work out of training by using the Heart Rate Monitor to simplify the science of running so you can reach your goal and see results
Heart Rate Monitor specs:-
-Ref Size: 63mm x 38mm x 10.5mm
-Weight: 19.5g (no strap)
-Power: user-replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
-Battery Life: > 1000 hours active life (2.8 years @ 1 hr/day usage at 20°C)
-Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol
-Operating Temp: 0 to +40°C
-RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
-Communication Range: < 2.5m
-Water Resistance: 1m
-Measuring Range: 15 to 240 BPM
Stride Sensor:
98% accuracy out of the box. The stride sensor tracks your pace, distance and stride rate and relays each back to you though real-time information.
Stride Sensor specs:-
-Ref In-Shoe Size: 34mm x 23mm x 8mm
-Total In-Shoe Weight: < 8g (including battery)
-Ref Size with Shoe Clip: 45mm x 29mm x 13mm
-Total Weight with Clip: < 9g (including battery)
-Attachment Method: Attached to shoe using one-piece clip or placed in the midsole cavity of adidas compatible footwear
-Speed Range: 36 km/hr to 19.8 km/hr (2.2 mph to 12.3 mph)
-Power: user-replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
-Battery Life: > 5 months (at 20°C), extreme cold can affect battery life
-Operating Temp: 0° to +40°C
-Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol
-RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
-Communication Range: < 2.5m
-Sensor Technology: Dynastream Technology
Calibrated Speed/Distance Accuracy: Run 97%
-Uncalibrated Speed/Distance Accuracy: Run 95%
 Real Time Coaching
miCoach Pacer is the only personal training system that coaches you audibly in your ear while you run. Pacer will tell you to “speed up” “slow down” “maintain pace” so your run includes a mix of different activity levels, which – working together and as part of an overall plan – help you achieve your goal. If you run with an MP3 player, Pacer will give you these cues over your music, then recede and let you listen to the tracks.
If you’ve purchased the miCoach Pacer package, follow these simple steps to get going.
1. Charge your miCoach Pacer
2. Sign in and setup your online account
 – Choose your running plan online
 – Sync your workouts
3. Put on the Heart Rate Monitor
4. Attach the Stride Sensor
5. Turn on your music (if you run with an MP3 player)
6. Clip on miCoach Pacer
7. Select your workout
8. Run, then sync and track your progress online
 how miCoach coaches:
heart rate training:-
Every runner is different, every heart is unique. Your heart rate indicates your level of effort during exercise. miCoach helps you stay within four heart rate zones so that you get the most out of each run.
training zones:-
miCoach uses heart rate zones to create varied, complete and personalized workouts. And each zone has its own benefit:
-Maximal effort boosts your power and speed.
-Hard effort improves your cardio strength.
-optimally burns calories.
-Easy effort builds your aerobic base and improves recovery.
real time feedback:
As you workout, miCoach will let you know which training zone you’re in—audibly if you’re using miCoach Pacer or visually if you’re using miCoach Zone. You can sync miCoach Pacer to adidas.com/micoach to analyze your stats and get coaching feedback online.


miCoach Pacer real review article:
For the past three weeks I’ve been testing out Adidas’ miCoach Pacer, the newest entrant in the increasingly crowded field of interactive activity monitors. Personal training gadgets have been around for years, but the category has become better defined to appeal to different kinds of people in recent months. On one end of the spectrum are the simple calorie-counters, like Philips DirectLife and fitbit. On the other end are the geek-triathlete devices, such as the GPS-enabled Garmin Forerunner which straps onto your wrist like a small computer. In the middle are devices for casual marathoners: the Nike+ iPod system, and now Adidas’ latest–which is the most full-featured of the mid-range systems that I’ve used.
The $140 miCoach Pacer combines a pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and real-time coaching into a device that easily connects to your iPod (or another audio player). Equally important are the online coaching tools that you sync the device with to keep track of your workouts and advance you along a fitness regime that can range from learning to run to improving your marathon time.
The Pacer is actually three separate pieces of gear that work together: a stride sensor that attaches to your shoelaces, a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest, and the main control unit that collects the data and clips onto your workout armband or shirt. After a 12-minute assessment run to calibrate the three devices, the Pacer begins collecting data as you walk, jog or run. I found the stride sensor (which is basically a pedometer with a triaxial accelerometer inside) to be accurate compared with Google’s running distance mapping programs, and my own calculations during a drive along the same route. Readings from the heart rate monitor were also in line with the data I’ve collected from other heart monitors that strap around the chest. The chest monitors are more accurate than wrist-strap heart rate measuring devices, but not everyone likes working out with a piece of gear stretching around their solar plexus. That said, Adidas’ stretchy chest strap was of higher quality than others I’ve used in the past, and was never uncomfortable.
The brains of the Pacer are housed in a black pill-shaped unit designed by the Adidas Innovation Team that is about the diameter of a large wristwatch and made of rubberized plastic. By plugging one end of the unit into and audio player and your headphones into the other side of the Pacer you can listen to music and also get instructions from miCoach as it guides you through different workouts. (Adidas is also introducing a line of headphones today at CES 2010 in a partnership with Sennheisser.) There are two options available via a switch at the top of the Pacer: Free mode, where the device will simply gather data; and miCoach mode, in which the virtual coach will supply audible feedback through the headphones. Another ‘fast-forward’ button on the top can be used to select different workouts in the miCoach mode, such as a recovery run or intervals speed training.
There are competing devices on the market that include a built-in MP3 player, such as the Philips Activa. But I think Adidas made the right decision here–let Apple handle my audio needs, since they do it so well already. Sure, it would be nice to automatically sync my playlist with the miCoach software (more on that in a moment), or play a motivating song with a touch of of a single button, but it’s not essential. And my iPod’s audio quality did not deteriorate in any noticeable way from linking the Pacer between my iPod and headphones.
The virtual coach doesn’t interrupt the workout often. She’s there to tell you the time, distance, pace and raise a flag when you’re out of the prescribed heart rate zone (I chose the soothingly robotic British female voice, but there is also a male coach available). Adidas chose a minimalist approach here, but pushing a button on the front of the Pacer gives you an instant update on your current stats when needed.
review by Noah Robischon from fast company dot com

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