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MELAKA, Aug 11 (Bernama) — Madu Tualang, a type of honeythis MADU ASLI bottled under the Agromas brand name, has entered the markets of Brunei, Singapore and Japan, said the Economic Affairs Assistant Process Distribution Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) Kedah, Che Halim Che Dan.
Without stating the value of the exports, he said FAMA had taken the initiative to create the Rumah Madu (Honey House) in Kuala Nerang, Kedah as a centre for the collection and processing of the Madu Tualang.
He said the Madu Tualang found at the Rumah Madu was obtained from the Apis dorsata bee variety found in the forest areas of Kedah such as Pedu,Sik,Pulai and Ulu Muda.
“Apart from collecting the Madu Tualang, we are also keeping a watch on its quality, to ensure purity. We have the equipment to detect if the honey supplied is original or otherwise,” he said.
He told Bernama this when met during the promotion and sales programme in conjunction with the week-long national level 2009 Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen’s Day celebration which began yesterday at the Malacca International Trade Centre (MITC) here.
Che Halim stated the honey collected at Rumah Madu was done the traditional way by 30 collectors from bee nests atop the Tualang tree.
The honey is produced by the bees from flower nectar collected. It is then blended in the body of the bees to become honey which is different and brighter in colour due to the nectar being from a specific type of flower as opposed to a range.
Honey from bees is well known and recognised for its ability to heal various illnesses, for health and beauty.
Che Halim said FAMA was offering a special price madu asli of between RM24 to RM250 a bottle of the product for visitors to the celebration at the MITC.

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  1. Hello, saya nak beli madu tualang. dimana ia jual di singapura atau yang terdekat di johore, Tolong berikan contact no di singapura,

  2. Assalam..
    Sy dr jawa (indonesia) hendak ajukan penawaran madu randu/kapuk asli..dlm jumlah sesuai permintaan.
    Bila ada yg brminat kerja sama, tlg beri tahu kami..
    Melayani pembelian minimal 100 kg..kmasan sesuai permintaan..
    Yg serius mohon menghubungi kami:

  3. Assalamualaikum. Apa khabar? Saya nak tawarkan madu Tualang dari hutan sumatra Indonesia harga RM 29/kg sampai Cheras Kuala Lumpur. Minimal order 1 tong 50kg.Yg nak pakai sarang juga ada. Dari Umar Riau Sumatra.

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