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Star Autobot Optimus Prime appears life-sized on an IMAX screen in one battle, lead a battle to protect the all spark and human that trap in the middle of robotic battles and real stunts from Decepticons. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”  1 of 2  Director Michael Bay suggested his film should not be seriously questioned. “It’s called summer fun. It’s a robot movie,” Bay said.


LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is “a really fun, explosive, outrageous, fantastical joyride,” according to lead actor Shia LaBeouf. Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf flee destruction in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”  1 of 2  Director Michael Bay suggested his film should not be seriously questioned. “It’s called summer fun. It’s a robot movie,” Bay said.

Don’t tell that to the fanboys who’ve waited two years for the “Transformers” sequel, or to Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures, who hope it will top the $700 million the first movie made. The newest Transformers production is a marvel of moviemaking technology that combines record-setting practical effects — real explosions and stunts — with unrivaled computer-generated action. 

The movie is so big and action-packed, though, that more than one reviewer emerged from an IMAX screening last week talking about how it was tough to tell who was fighting who in some scenes. 

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura noted in an interview that “the action scenes are only as good as the audience is invested in the character.” “So, if they’re not invested in the character, then the action is just a lot of noise,” he said. In the new film, which takes place two years after “Transformers,” LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky is at college, trying to get his life back to normal. But the Transformers — the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons — have different ideas. As the robots battle over the AllSpark, a life-giving energy for Transformers, humans are caught in the middle, with the planet at risk. But humans are only part of the story. Those characters Bay wants you to care about include 46 robots — 32 more than in the last film.

These Autobots and Decepticons were farm-raised — on a computer server farm owned by Industrial Light & Magic. Their simulations took up seven times more computer disk space than in the first movie. The job of “rendering” the largest — a 10-story-tall sand-plowing machine of destruction named Devastator — caused a computer to explode, according to visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar. “Little puffs of smoke, just like in the movie,” Farrar said. Filming was very physical — and dangerous — for the human actors, because Bay balanced his computer simulations with a big dose of reality.

Actor Ramon Rodriguez said he “popped a shoulder, which was a lot of fun,” filming a scene in which the Devastator is plowing through a desert, with fans blowing a 100 mph wind into his face. “So, I had sand, soot, dirt blowing in my face and I had two guys behind me with wires attached to my ankles pulling me,” Rodriguez said. “Not enough yet. We need cars flipping over my head. So, he brought two cars and he literally had them attached to a hydraulic crane, flip inches above my head. So, the guys were yanking, you know, on the cables on my ankles and, yeah, on one of the takes my shoulder popped out and we continued rolling.”

“That was the shot we used,” Bay said. “That was probably the shot you used and thank you, Mike, it was great,” Rodriguez said. LaBeouf suffered a serious hand injury in a car crash away from the set that almost derailed production, until Bay ordered his star a transparent Kevlar cast. “The problem was if he jammed his fingers, he could lose his fingers forever, so we had experts of the world come up with this design,” Bay said.

After shutting down production for just a day, Bay found a way to work LaBeouf’s hurt hand into the story.

Megan Fox, who reprised her role as LaBeouf’s girlfriend, said the cast “drank a lot” to relax after 16-hour days on the set. Bay insisted shoots were limited to 12-hour days. Action scenes meant the actors had to do a lot of running — much of it through desert sand in Jordan and Egypt. Many of their sprints were through real blasts, including one that landed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“We made history, the biggest practical explosion in the history of filmmaking that included the actors,” said Tyrese Gibson, who played a U.S. Air Force sergeant. The blasts, military hardware and Fox, featured in short pants in the sexy opening sequence, should appeal to the teenage boys in the theater. “We got that first shot out of the way, just to get it out for the young boys and move on,” Bay said.

The first “Transformers” broke box office records two years ago by drawing a broad audience, including adult women. Bay said there’s still plenty for the ladies — especially with the romantic relationship between LeBeouf and Fox. “What’s making this accessible to everybody is the humor in it, and I think that’s how you make it accessible to everybody,” Bay said. “It’s not just for the fanboys.” The humor, though, has aged with the characters.

transformers 2 spoiler, plots and revenge of fallen synopsis:

During the first viewing, you see the story and the action as a fast-paced adrenaline rush with almost pornographic shots of the vehicles themselves – it seems like it was made for those with short attention spans. Another viewing reveals the layers. You see the storyline and the action that supports it. The sometimes childish jokes provide a contrast to the suffering the warriors go through in battle – characters you know and love (yes, even the baddies) surviving serious injuries – and enhance the power of the battles. It shows that these millions of years old giants have learned that whatever they are going through now, there may be something worse to come in the next few seconds or maybe in the next few years. The terrible toll of this war has brought out such discipline in most of the warriors that an individual’s suffering is nothing to the whole. You see that the horrors of war before that day have hardened their sparks – they may believe in their hopes and dreams, but overall mourning for the dead has became almost pointless compared to the civilizations’ ongoing suffering.


This is only magnified in the new movie. The Autobots, now two years after the original movie was set, are hunters reduced to little more than a smart tool by the civilization they were hoping would be their home. Scenes like the Autobots returning to a military base and heading into a hanger, not to converse or to enjoy themselves but to sit in waiting almost on hold, show how their lives and previous struggles are turning into a memory as they are seen as both a useful tool and a potential threat.


Sam, our hero from the last movie is now heading out to college. Going away long enough for his mom to demand he comes home on holidays, you see almost a reflection of the Autobots in his father. He has put so much hope and love into his son’s life that the very action of showing that love might be a sign of weakness, it may even be counterproductive. Having lived through his father’s previous experience with Transformers and subsequent life in an asylum, he is unsure how to deal with emotion. Through his actions, he portrays a very damaged person who is lucky to have found a woman like his wife and a son that truly loves and cares for him.


Michaela has become a mechanic. Now some may see that as a stupid move – I mean the old stereotype that pretty girls must be makeup counter gals or beauty salon chicks instead of mechanics or scientists is ingrained into Hollywood reviewers. Critics may have been hoping to deride Mr. Bay for making her something shallow like a nail salon attendant, but he wisely provided a career doing the one thing that she showed both a knowledge of and a passion for in the first movie. She also managed to get her father work in the workshop, and this former jailbird is keeping himself on the straight and narrow not to let his daughter down. Scenes like the one where she handles the little Brooklyn accented blue-boiling attitude-filled Wheelie show not only that she is smart but also tough. Exposed to what a phone bot could do to an “unbreakable cage” in the first movie, she not only threatens him but actually causes him harm.


How does the movie pace itself? Like all Bay movies, it acts like a roller coaster. First there is a slow 10-minute build as the aforementioned human-Autobot alliance called NEST heads out to what is billed as a toxic leak in Singapore followed by quite a big battle with more than one Decepticon, who seem to have more moves than Justin Timberlake. A lot happens in the film but time seems to fly by. There also are mellow moments as we reconnect emotionally with Sam, his family, Micheala and the Autobots. We see the setup of the Decepticons seeking their fallen commander. Then like a good roller coaster, it gets faster – there is a real worldwide adventure feel to this movie which really gives a sense of the size of the threat of the Decepticons.



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