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Hugh Jackman has done it all – almost.  He’s hosted the Oscars, danced on Broadway, flashed his winning grin and flexed his acting muscles, but Friday is the first time the Australian actor will claw his way into movie theaters as the main attraction.  In “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” there’s no Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman by his side to buoy the box office. This time it’s just Jackman, his claws and a heap of Hollywood expectations to the tune of $150 million.

That’s what it cost to make the film, which tracks the origins of Jackman’s Marvel comics character, a hairy, muscled hunk with adamantium claws that sprout from between his knuckles. Wolverine can recover from injuries more quickly than Clark Kent can take off his glasses. Hopefully, Jackman won’t need that power.

“In terms of how I feel, I’m excited about it,” says Jackman, 40. “Once I saw the movie, I was really jazzed by that. I’ve laid everything else into the hands of the box office gods.”

Jackman is also a producer on the movie – it’s the second project from the production company he founded with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, and business partner John Palermo. He lobbied for the flick to be shot in Australia and New Zealand, making it the first “X-Men” title filmed in those countries, and calls the movie “my baby.”

Almost a decade ago, Jackman made his debut as Wolverine, aka Logan, in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men.” It was the first installment of a series that would generate well over $1 billion in box office revenue worldwide. Dougray Scott had been offered the role, but left to work on “Mission: Impossible II.” At the time, Jackman was visiting L.A. to begin adoption proceedings for his son, Oscar, who turns 9 next month.


“I came for a week in L.A. with, like, shorts and T-shirts,” says Jackman. “And then before I knew it, I was up in Toronto to start filming, because I auditioned three or four days into principal photography.”

His life as Wolverine tossed him into a world of avid fans and comic book buffs, people who run to the theaters to see Jackman whip out his claws, but will just as soon tell him he’s mangled the source material. Asked to describe his frequent run-ins with “X-Men” aficionados, Jackman says, simply: “They’re very vocal with me.”

“I said, ‘You seem nervous, that’s okay!” Jackman remembers. “And he was like, ‘I’m not nervous. I’m excited.’ He took his shirt off – in the middle of the restaurant, right? – and his entire back was covered in a Wolverine tattoo.”


x-men origin review and spoil.

James Logan aka Wolverine and his brother Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) run away together as children in the mid 1850’s after Logan kills their biological father who had murdered Logan’s adoptive father. After serving together in many wars they are recruited by William Stryker to serve in a special unit made up of mutants. After wiping out an African villiage, Logan quits the unit and goes off to live a life of peace in the Canadian Rockies with his girlfriend later to be known as the Silver Fox.

Six years pass for the both of them until Stryker shows up and asks Logan to come back and be a part of a new Weapon X project. Logan refuses but Creed shows up and murders Logan’s girlfriend leaving him wanting revenge against his brother. Logan accepts Strykers offer to be infused with Adamantium so that he can be indestructable and go after his revenge but is double crossed by Stryker and hears him give the order to wipe his memories. Escaping before this can happen, he goes searching for Creed killing anyone who gets in his way.

After reuniting with a few members of his old team, he finds out that Stryker and Creed are actually working together to kidnap mutants and keep them in confinement working on a new project, Weapon XI and that only one person knows where their new base of operations is. Remy LeBeau aka Gambit is the only mutant to escape this place and Logan along with John Wraith go searching for him in New Orleans. They find him in a card game where Logan tries to question him but with less than desireable results. After being blasted through a wall by Gambit, Logan sees Creed standing over the dead body of Wraith and the fight is on. Right when Logan is about to get his revenge and kill Creed, Gambit comes flying in with his staff and blows everyone apart. Creed uses this distraction to escape while Logan and Gambit go at it. After showing Gambit the light (with his claws), Gambit agrees to take Logan to Three Mile Island where the facility is hidden.


Arriving at Three Mile Island by plane, Logan finds many mutant children kept prisoner by Stryker and Creed with the support of the U.S. Government. Logan confronts Stryker while he is at the finishing point of his Weapon XI project and learns the truth that Silver Fox isn’t dead but was keeping and eye on him those six years and manipulating him with her mutant power of persuasion. After leaving, Fox confronts Stryker demanding the release of her sister only to be placated and told to wait. Creed comes in and Fox tries to persuade him that Stryker is only using them. Only this doesn’t work and she is almost killed by Creed. Logan hears her screams and comes to her rescue almost killing Creed but being convinced by Fox that if he does that then they will be no better then Stryker. She also convinces him that she truly loves him.

Fox and Logan then go to free the children. Fox leads them out of the facility while Logan goes in search of Stryker. In a firefight, Fox is wounded and sends the children on while she goes back to look for Logan. The children make it out of the facility and are met by none other than Charles Xavier who offers them a ride in his helicopter and protection at his school.

While Logan is searching, Stryker activates Weapon XI who is a combination of all the mutants abilities with none of their weaknesses. XI and Logan’s fight ranges from the inside to the outer top of a nuclear reactor and it appears Logan is outmatched until Creed shows up to help save him using the line; “No one is allowed to kill you except me…” Back to back they take on XI together until Creed grabs him by the neck, stabs him in the chest and Logan decapitates him with those claws. XI’s head and body go falling into the reactor cutting chunks out of it the whole way down. Logan tells Creed that this changes nothing and they go their seperate ways.


After getting to the ground, Logan is saved from the falling debris of the reactor by Gambit. They then go their seperate ways in search for Stryker but Logan comes upon the wounded body of Fox and starts carrying her toward the plane. Stryker intercepts them and shoots Logan in the head with Adamantium bullets which are the only thing that can really “hurt” him. This knocks him out long enough for him to go after Silver Fox but she turns the tables by touching his ankle and telling him to “walk until you bleed… Then keep walking.”

Gambit comes back finding Logan regaining consciousness but without any memories. Finding the body of Silver Fox, Gambit asks if Logan knows her but he doesn’t. Going their seperate ways, the movie ends here but you should watch through the credits all the way. Stryker is picked up by the MP’s with bloody feet for the murder of a general and Logan is last seen in an Asian bar drinking shots and trying to remember who he is.

We now get to see Logan’s journey and the battle within, as he owns up to the events of his past. Wolverine has certain qualities that are sacred and the first is that he’s a bad guy. Borrowing the character’s catchphrase, Wolverine is best at what he does and what he does isn’t very nice. Logan’s got attitude, humour and a way about him. He just doesn’t give a damn – and that’s fun for the audience to experience. I had more fun playing Wolverine in this film than ever before. I was trained in theatre, where you’re involved with everything. By the time you go onstage , you know a lot about not only your role, but about the set design, costume design, story development and everything. That excitement, knowledge and preparation are a key part of the experience. This film has lots of great characters new to the X-Men movies. It was particularly rewarding to establish these new characters and find the right actors to play them. With the previous X-Men films, I never had Logan looking exactly as I wanted him to look. For this one, I wanted Logan to look animalistic, veins popping out and coiled like a spring. I wanted the audiences to say, “Okay, this guy is frightening; this guy could easily rip someone’s head off.” While honouring the style of the previous X-Men films, I wanted this one to look bigger and different.

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