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Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia Sdn Bhd proudly introduced a new heart beaking underbone 150cc motocycle that known as “Motosikal Sports Yang Ranggi & Radikal”. This unique bike will grab attention with a lot of tech  install and if you about to buy it then this is what you will get from this Belang R150 suzuki:

-150cc moped like yer superbike performance

-Suzuki Drive Mode Switch (SDMS) System- fuel efficiency

-6-speed transmission

-DOHC engine


-Extra Large Front Disk Brake

-Compact Rear Disk Brake

-Suzuki Advanced Cooling System technology

-Dynamic New Meter Panel With LCD Screen

-aluminium cylinder bore  coat with SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)

-Monoshock suspension system

-10-Spoke Cast-Aluminium Alloy Wheels

-Die-Cast Aluminium Grab Bar
-Diecast Aluminium Footrests

-very affordable price

dont have= fuel tank up front as usually -but get best keep for store compartment as replacement


Launching Belang R 150  It incorporates an LCD Digital Speedometer and stylish large analogue tachometer for sporty feel. Not only that it has a unique system that switches between 3 different riding modes in a rotary manner. These modes are normal riding mode, eco riding mode and power riding mode.
Suzuki Drive Mode Switch (SDMS) System
A unique system that switches between 3 different riding modes in a rotary manner. These modes are normal riding mode, eco riding mode and power riding mode.
Normal Riding Mode -This mode is the normal riding mode that does not prioritise either economy or power and does not show the ECO / PWR indicator.
Economical (ECO) Riding Mode -This mode is used to obtain maximum fuel efficiency. The indicator light comes on automatically to show that the engine revolutions are at an optimal level to conserve petrol consumption.
Power (PWR) Riding Mode – This mode is used for aggressive riding. The indicator light comes on automatically to show that the engine revolutions are at an optimal level to achieve maximum acceleration power.




As for engine type, the Belang R 150 use DOHC and 4 valves which is common configuration for engines used on high performance sportbikes. At the heart of the Suzuki Belang R150’s class-leading performance is its 150cc, DOHC, 4-Valve engine. Double Overhead Camshafts (DOHC) and 4 valves is the most common configuration for engines used on high performance sports bikes. This type of configuration offers extra smoothness of operation at high RPM, for maximum power and yet excellent fuel efficiency.

To make effective use of the 150cc engine’s abundant power and torque, the Suzuki Belang R150 is equipped with a 6-speed transmission with gear ratios carefully selected for a dynamic sports-riding experience and smooth going in a wide range of road and traffic conditions, as well as a higher top speed.


It also used  Air-Cooled With SACS Technology SACS or Suzuki Advanced Cooling System technology, sprays oil directly onto the underside of the piston to obtain extra cooling capacity. This oil is in turn cooled using a large oil-cooling radiator to maintain optimum operating temperatures.

Apart from its stunning performance, discerning motorcyclists will be pleased to find that the Belang R150 incorporates many advanced and innovative features that make riding a sheer pleasure. Superior aerodynamics, up-market equipment and a highly sophisticated engine contribute towards making the Suzuki Belang R150 a highly appealing choice for those who demand a sporty and stylish ride.


Extra Large Front Disk Brake
Despite being 290mm wide and delivering ample stopping power, the disk brake is amazingly light due to its large center cut-out section.
Compact Rear Disk Brake
Racing-style compact rear disk brake provides additional stopping power.


The Suzuki Belang R150 is a new generation motorcycle that is designed using the latest technological features that are usually only found on models with much higher engine capacity or “superbikes”. Below are some of its more striking features. Dynamic New Meter Panel With LCD Screen; Suzuki Belang R150 uses a combination of an easy-to-read LCD Digital Speedometer and stylish large analogue tachometer, just like other top-end sports bikes such as the Suzuki GSX-R1000.


SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)

Instead of the conventional cast-iron liner for the cylinder, the aluminium cylinder bore is coated with Suzuki’s Composite Electrochemical Material. This thin yet very strong material allows the creation of a much lighter and more compact engine. It also dissipates heat more efficiently.And Monoshock suspension system been used caters to the varying road conditions and lends a sporty feel.


The extensive use of aluminium components has many benefits. Firstly, aluminium is significantly lighter. Second, it is strong and durable. Thirdly, it provides a quality and lasting finish. The Suzuki Belang R150 has many aluminium components to maximize these benefits.
10-Spoke Cast-Aluminium Alloy Wheels
Designed to reflect the identity of Suzuki’s Superbike racing machines,
these lightweight rims also contribute to handling stability and agility.
Die-Cast Aluminium Grab Bar
A shapely grab bar made of lightweight die-cast aluminium adds a high-quality touch to the Suzuki Belang R150’s rear end.
Diecast Aluminium Footrests
Bolt-on type footrests made of die-cast aluminium are not only lightweight, but are also similar to those found on the top-end, high-performance sportsbikes.


The Suzuki Belang R150 comes in 2 smart colour choices, with Autumn Red/New Titan Black and Dark Grey/New Titan Black. The Suzuki Belang R150 sets new standards for mid-size sports bikes, so test ride one at your nearest authorised Suzuki dealer or contact Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia Sdn Bhd at 03-5569 9258 for more details.
 Suzuki Belang R150  PRICE: RM7,570.00



As conclusion, the Suzuki Belang R150 utilizes Suzuki’s cutting-edge motorcycle technology to create a light-weight and speedy machine which has an impressive power-to-weight ratio.

Belang R 150 been modified with special riding mod. This 3 different mod will aleart rider to ride in optimum composition and this will save petrol consumpsion.

A futuristic front and rear lamp design, LCD Digital Speedometer and stylish large analogue tachometer.

Install With latest technological that only features on superbikes  paired with 10-Spoke Cast-Aluminium Alloy Wheels and aluminium body  make it lightest 150cc motor also a Monoshock Suspension, combine with a 6-speed transmission, DOHC and 4-Valves make this motocycle will go fast easily.

 Beside only been offered with Extra Large Front Disk Brake it is come the Compact Rear Disk Brake that sure make a safety first ride.

Belang R150 is very easy to handle just like a moped and the gear change is very smooth. A 150cc without fuel tank up front. Powered by 150cc DOHC engine and was supposedly almost as powerful as the Honda CBR 150rr which is also powered by the same DOHC engine. The Belang horsepower is around 16hp while the CBR placed at higher 19hp.powerful but yet  paling penting jimat minyak.

Overall length:            1,960 mm
Overall width:             650 mm
Overall height:            980 mm
Wheel base:                  1,280 mm
Kerb Weight:               108 kg
Engine type :              4-stroke, air-cooled, DOHC
Bore (mm)  :               62.0
Stroke (mm)  :             48.8/td>
Piston displacement (cm³) : 147
Compression ratio :        10.2 : 1
Carburetor  :             MIKUNI BS26SS
Starter system   :         Electric & kick starter
Lubrication system   :     Wet sump
Clutch     :               wet, multi-plate type
Transmission  :            6-speed
Drive system  :            RK428HSB, 120 links
Front suspension  :        Telescopic, coil spring, oil-damped
Rear suspension   :        Swingarm type, coil spring, oil-damped
Front /Rear brake   :      Disc brake
Front tyre size   :        70/90- 17 M/C 38P tube type
Rear tyre size    :        80/90- 17 M/C 44P tube type
Ignition type   :          Electronics ignition (CDI)
Spark Plug   :             CR8E or DENSO U24ESR-N
Battery :                    12V 20.5KC (5.7AH) / 10HR
Headlamp :                12V 32/32W + 18/18W
tank :                           4.9 litres
Engine oil :               Without filter change – 1,000ml
                                    With filter change – 1,100ml


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59 Responses »

  1. What’s the wheel size?

  2. Why 150 cc machine still using conventional tyre size that mostly fit onto 110 and 125 cub,tyre size should be 100/90 rear and 80/90 front baru mengancam .

  3. dah namanya moped, memangle tayar kecik…
    yg differentiate this belang to others is 150cc engine.

  4. Is this bike use radiator like 135LC??

  5. de ke mto r150 2nd??

  6. mana cabel meter dia . tak nampak pon . dia cucuk meter tang mana?????

  7. brown : radiator tak sama LC.LC liquid coolant,Belang oil coolant
    the one : dia tak pakai kabel,dia pakai sensor kat roda belakang

  8. kalau ada belang versi up top tank mesti ngancam.pastu tank bawah seat ganti dgn tempat simpan barang

  9. salam..kpd yg xpnh naek, hrp jgn komen sbrngan..test dlu bwk then akn tau btpa sdapnya bwk belang neh..dgn mter yg berat, sng2 ja tngl moto2 len..belang 95kmh = civic 92kmh…top speed 140++..aku dpt 155kmh standant gaban pny..Lc skjp kn tngl..sekian.

  10. enjin belang nie 100% suzuki pny kew?
    member kate enjin die xbgs sgt..
    btl kew?
    belang150 dgn cbr150
    mana lg bgs?
    dr segi top speed n stable

  11. emmm setau aku suzuki pny enjin x de hal…brg spare part je problem sikit..
    aku ada pakai panther smpai skrg bru sekali je ovehaul…tp kena la pakai stndrt..
    aku kalo de rezeki mmg la nk beli belang satu..
    Lc135 bnyk problem la bru2 ni…lg satu budak2 skrg selalu nk curi Lc135

  12. aku mmg dah lame target belang nie,tp rezeki x der lg da…member lak bakar2 bile nk bli belang.tp aku tgok mcm x kene je dgn aku,sbb aku nie tggi glr.tgok kat jalan pakcik2 je pkai belang,apek tue pun ade gak siap ader pasang box belakang lg hahaha .aaahhh gua nk belang jgk.pihak suzuki tlg le bg harga memberr2 skit mhl lorr

  13. saya baru je pakai belang (member saya panggil belalang) ni 6 bulan, pernah test ngan CBR 150 (standard lwn standard, tada ubahsuai lagi) pickup CBR tewas, top speed plak sama(rasanyalah sbb spnjang topspeed tu cbr takleh potong belang ni), lawan ngan lc 135 plak, sekejap je LC kena tinggal, meter belang baru 100km/h, tapi lc dah 120km/h, lawan ngan 125z, pickup belang yg menang tapi saya tak habiskan perlawanan sebab tak tahan bau asap moto 125z… hahaha (saya berhenti kat kedai goreng pisang seberang jalan hahaha). main bukit baling dan gerik gagah dan puashati, rasa macam bawa kancil 850 buka aircond naik bukit… bunyi dia kalu mula rem ngan gear 2 (pakai exhaust standard la), rasa mcm naik superbike je… puas hati lol bunyi vrooommmm!!!!~~~ (tukar gear 3) vrmmmmmmmmmm~~~4…mmmmmmmmm~~~ 5…mmmmm 6…brmbrmbrmbrm (semua orang tengok) hahaha

    masalahnya cuma tadak raga, bagi orang yg berkeluarga, taksesuai la, bagi org bujang mcm saya, best yob.
    satu lagi, tangki kecik hahaha

  14. salam geng…..aku da pkai belang 9 bulan…top pnah dpt…155km/j…bleh blah lg…tp mls coz aku bwk lptop….syg woo….mase2 dri jpj jb- jpj ptrajaya…terjoin plak (jumpe kt petronas pagoh) konvoi mat2 klantan nk tgk bola mase lwn ngeri sembilan….(sblum kes bakar membakar)..ada la 2 bjik LC yg aku rase bukan standart diantare byk2 LC yg ada dlm konvoi2…cm menganjing gua…siap superman….Aku kachung…..dan kputusannya….top memg aku pgang..adala kne tingal jauh dlm ukuran pnjg sbijik treler bwk kontena…..mse2 aku tgk meter da 150-157km/j..mse benti kt air keroh aku tanyer meter bp naik td..diorg ckp da nk out meter……aku da agk da…coz aku ada sjibik 125z kt rumah…meter memg taik pun…kencing lebih….oi yamaha…org lain bleh la lu klentong..sama aku..sory la…meter ex5 lg bgus!!!mtor aku memg stendart badak…side mirror pun x bkak…kire bangga gak la bwk belang ni…..sekian pengalaman gua….hidup DOHC!!!!

  15. enjin fxr…
    bodyshape moped..
    dgn rega cmtu,bek aku agkt fz…
    pesalla suzuki x update je mdel fxr150..lg smat….

  16. model nie dah lama kat asean, awal tahun 2004 lagi dah ada kt indon. keluar sebelum LC lagi.

  17. hmm..same la..
    pengdar mto jpun kt msia ni slalu cmtu..
    bukan takat belang je,fz ngan cbr150 pun da kuar lme kt psran asean..mlysia je yg msuk lmbt

  18. dari segi enjin mmg bagus,cuma sit keras plak,naik kmatu dibuatnye,handle dia kalu kasi up skit aku rase lg selesa bwk.. top speed aku penah dpt 162kmh,mgkin sbb bert bdn aku dlm 54kg je.. kene pasg damper lg stabil.. LC pnye meter mmg PENIPU..

  19. salam…
    Hye bro smua.. aku pnh try belang ni. tp aku rs slow jgk moto ni. Skrg aku pakai Suzuki GSX 1000RR model 2009. Klau dibandingkan dengan belang, mmg jauh kne tggal,hahaha.. Hri tu aku sruh mmber aku bwk belang dan aku bwk suzuki GSX 1000RR sejauh 80km. Aku smpai awl sjam dri dia. Siap tido lg,haha… AKu ingt nk survey plak model yamaha R1 ni cmne. aku rs lg power..

  20. aku da bawak belang ni..kalu cek speed gune gps top speed bule dpt 116km/h jer kalu fz150i 118km/h.jalan mendatar bkn turun bukit…xjauh beza…

  21. lagi satu saye cume nk kongsi pendapat.di msia ni sebenarnye jpj & persatuan motor ada keluarkan syarat untuk meter speed aquricy.tiap meter ada tolerance nye beberpe percent.mgkn ada sesetengah pengeluar telah design meter trsebut sehingga max prcent dan mgkn lower percent.so mgkn pengeluar tersebut telah ikut syarat yg diberi tetapi tolerance yg berbeza…

  22. Untuk makluman semua, Belang aku penah bagi asap kat CBR150 dn FZ150. Ko bayangkan, berat badan aku 87kg boleh tinggalkan CBR150 yang dipandu mamat kurus keding. Dh x lalu mamat tu nak henjut. Penggunaan minyak pun boleh di kategorikan jimat. Stkt ni x penah lagi aku jumpa moto 150cc kebawah yang memuaskan hati aku. Dulu aku pakai LC, aku letgo LC aku dn terus sambar Belang. Nak bandingkan agak-agaklah bro. Lojik ke Belang 150cc nk dibandingkan ngan GSX1000RR. Hilang akal ke ape??? Baik dibandingkan dgn jet pejuang TUDM….

  23. Pasal ketepatan meter kelajuan… Aku dah sukat ngan LC, FZ dan 125Z tau. Meter Yamaha memang pembohong. Patutlah dulu aku bawak LC 145 km/j, tp masih lg boleh isap rokok. Kenapa Suzuki harganya tinggi dipasaran???? Sebabnya senang saje, hanya motor Suzuki saja masih lagi di pasang di Jepun. Honda, Yamaha dn kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya dipasang kat Thailand beb… Kos rendah dan kualiti jugak rendah. Ade je masalah…………….

  24. Kabel meter kelajuan jgn cari lah. Mmg x jumpa punya. Dia gunakan biji mata infra dan ditalakan dkt sprocket kecil (depan). Walau camne kotorpun sprocket tu ngan minyak atau habuk, biji mata dia tetap boleh baca kelajuan dgn tepat.

  25. Sistem penyejukan dia berbeza dgn LC. LC hanya menggunakan penyejukan cecair tp Belang ada 2 sistem penyejukan; 1. Penyejukan minyak enjin 2. Penyejukan angin. Dkt blok dn kepala silinder LC mana ada ‘cooler fin’ tp dkt Belang ada tau. Walau 6 kelajuan, gear enam cukup untuk memecut dari 50 km/j ke kelajuan teratas dgn masa yg x berapa panjang. ‘Hantu’ dia datang pada 7800 rpm. Bila ‘Hantu’ dia datang anda boleh rasakan daya tarikan dia dgn syoknya………. Enjin balancing pun tip top (first class). Kalau nak power lagi jgn segan nak kuarkan belanja untuk beli karburetor Kawasaki KIPS dan sprocket kecil sket (kurangkan 3 gigi pun dh cukup beb). Masa tu anda mesti dalam bahaya beb kerana laju yang teramat……………. Renung renungkan dan selamat beramal

  26. untuk pngetahuan mt belalang pnggunaan liquid cool adalah lbh bagus dan enjin kurg panas.sbb tu moto bigbike dan kete pn gune system liquid cool.moto yg gune liquidcool engine temp hny 100 cel ke bwh tp utk yg gune cooler fin & oil cool temp 100 cel ke atas..kalau encik seorg teknikal cuba baca kt internet…satu lg ttg meter error ni diorg mmg penipu tp masih ikut syarat yg di tetapkn JAMA..kalu encik hasan jpj tu seorg teknikal dr jpj mst die tau ape tu JAMA & MASAAM…lg satu mtr suzuki msh di pasang di msia ttapi CKD.yamaha & honda juge psg dimsia sama juge CKD dan sebahagiannye fully assembly di msia with localize part…kete honda dan toyota pn camtu gak yg pasang kt msia…

  27. penggunaan liquid cooled memg cepat tetapi ketahanan block kereta/motor akan brkurang disebabkan penyejukan cepat..penyejukan minyak lebih effective sebab beransur secara stabil…lg satu,oil cooled lebih mudah jikalau berlaku kerosakan atau kebocoran pada oil cooled,cuma tutupkan lubang oil cooled dan moto kembali boleh bergerak..jikalau liquid cooled anda hendaklah menjaga 3 bahagian,cecair penyejuk,water pump,dan kipas radiator..jika salah stu komponen ini rosak atau air kurang,knderaan anda tidak boleh bergerak secara effective disebabkan overheat…nak tahu lebih lanjut di http://www.belangr150.org…join forum belangr150….

  28. salam, dah bertahun aku pakai fxr 150, yg heran pantang aku jumpa yamapa fz kat highway mesti kena tinggal. padahal aku hari2 lenjan g keje seremban kl ulang alik,,power nya suzuki tq pak yahya kerana menjual murah dan x byk masalah.

  29. poyo lah ngko rider, sbenarnya ngko nak bagitahu pada org yg ngko ada superbike *entah ada entah tidak. x payahlah nak wat perbandingan jet pejuang dgn basikal. KALAU BODOH, JANGAN BERITAHU ORANG YANG ENGKAU TU BODOH. Diam2 saja udah la.

  30. Hello. Very interesting site and you lead a very interesting discussion. There is a nice atmosphere here and I’m sure I will often read your posts.
    From time to time I will also try to write something interesting.

    Gry Dla dziewczyn Gry

  31. bagus SATRIA FU 150
    dari BELANG R apa tuh.. wekk

  32. Aku setuju dgn matbelalangR 2.. Pendapat bikerz 2 mmg bodoh.
    Klu nak bandingkan kelajuan 150cc vs 1000cc mesti la 1000cc laju giler..
    Ibarat langit dgn bumi. Pendapat yang sgt bangang..
    Cuba atuk ko lumba lari dgn ko sape yg menang?
    Baru pki superbike dah nak belagak.. Ntah2 pki ex5 buruk jer..

  33. Aku minat gak belang ni tp tank dia kecik dan pki 4 stroke..
    Stiap hari aku gi keje pegi balik lebih kurang 100km (main highway).
    Aku cari mtr yg pki tank besar dan 2 stroke. Kan bgs klu suzuki
    wat 150cc 2 stroke enjin dan tank besar mcm Rxz.
    Wlu pun cc dia besar aku yakin mtr 2 lejang blh ptg selamber jer..

  34. Aku nk tanye la…kalo x yah tkr spocket standard tu bole ke?
    ke kalo nk lg sedap kena tukar spocket

  35. sy tgh buntu skrg..sme ada nk angkat suzuki belang atau cbr 150…skrg xtau yg mne paling bagus dan laju,antara dua2 moto nie…
    kalau dari segi minyak tentu suzuki belang yg save..kwn2 tlg bg pendapat ckit….

  36. Kalo korang poket tebal utk maintain, carik Suzuki FXR150, cutting ala2 Superbike.. enjin lebih kurang mcm Belang, tapi tank besor dan agak laju & best.. blast from the past..!!

  37. hye

  38. spoket belang jgn pki yg kcik…standard 44 en…kowag pakai 45 ..then t bwu ctew cmne…

  39. @belangblc9129, standard sprocket adalah 14-43. nak main pickup tambah gigi, nak main top buang gigi.

    moto ni memang bes dan layan. kalu kat hiway tu memang sedap tarik. moto lain memang kena tinggal ja. pagi tadi aku datang opis tarik depan er6n, boleh lak dia lawan tarik ngan aku. agak2 la motot ko tu besar. hehe.

  40. mcm mana dgn minyak die? kuat makan ke x? 100km bpe litre minyak die gune? average bwk 100km/h

  41. kawan bru angkat belang..lg sminggu kuar..myb JMX/JMY..
    dulu pkai rxz..bru genap 2tahun paki..da kne rembat…yela moto laju sgt siap disc blakang untuk menjamin keselamatan….la ni hapgred skit ke 150cc..haha..agak2 belang ngn z mne lg laju??

  42. belang ni mmg sedap,oerformance mmg ada…saya naik std jer,xder usik pape lg…tringin gak nak rasa meter boley cecah170kmh,apa perlu buat??kasi pendaapat seedara2 belang…usik enjin xnak la tp kbreta,spocket,setting boley laaa…katner patut jumpa mekanik yg xpert??sms saya 0174308404

  43. salam semua pemilik belang yg dihormati…aku selaku belang owner mcm korang nk minta sikit pendapat…(1) aku selalu ulang alik kelang-seri kembangan, stakat ni enjin ok. mantap, jimat. top bule thn. aku ingat nak main sprocket, nak main top sbb aku slalu lewat sampai, gandingan sprocket saiz ape yg syok nak main lajak tp still ada pikap? (2) aku igt nak sumbat rim fxr150, agak2 korang bole sumbat ke tanpa modi swingarm? aku tau hub fxr besar, tp ada sape2 bole tolong? 0162809908 sms plz

  44. aku selalu gak ulang alik jarak dalam 80km aku rasa dalam sejam je… tu pun termasuk kona-kona dan naik bukit…mtr 135cc je

  45. salam semua. saya menggunakan motor lc. meter nye memang ringan. mase test ngn member nye belang lc 130 belang 105. power belang pon mcam power 2 stroke. kalau gear tinggi pon dia pnyer pick up masih kuat. top sped belang standrd 140kmh.

  46. meter belang ringan dari meter fz. jangan cakap gitu en.Hasan_JPJ. aku ada dua2. meter belang hangit ringan. aku bawa fz 140 belang dah 145 – 150.

  47. salam..apa2 pon suzuki tetap best,saya guna RG sport 110 tue pon da dpt tinggal 135 LC,tapi ada modified la sikit2

  48. ade sesape nk tolak belang??aq nk sbiji je…minat sgt2 ngn belang ni..xkesah lama or baru…lau ade,kol no ni.0192753429 area kl.

  49. bkn ke meter fz ringan mcm lc model lama??bnding dengan belang brapa beza meter atau sama je?

  50. salam semua rakan belang tempur… nak tnye…blok belang ni bole di rebore x? kena sleeve ke? atau ada blok lain after market yang bole di rebore (blok costum yang memang bole rebore tanpa sleeve)

  51. Aku suka moto belang ni..sebab dia pakai oil cooler,motor aku lari sampai 180 dlm rpm 9ribu gear 6..sebab aku dah tukar oil cooler pakai kereta punya transmison,besarlah dari yg asal..tuk kuasa strok,aku pakai piston ninja 250,dan cabretor pakai uma rising..ezos plk pakai cbr,cuma tukar piping dari dpan sampai belakang 11/2 inc..tuk larian yg rpm rendah tu..aku sumbat twin turbo kancil std..sproket belakang pakai yg kecil sikit..dah aku test power gan kwn 1 kerja dia pakai wira enjin mavic..jln lurus x ada gangu…motor aku kc tgl 6 tiang..tu yg aku suka gan oil cooler ni dari pakai water cooler..sekian maju enjin dohc…next cipta enjin v dohc..baru enjin ringan n power….

  52. Belang tempur,blh rebore..cuma pakai piston n ring kawasaki ninja 250 ja,lebih dari tu memang x blh sudah..jdi benda dah tukar,kena jga minyak hitam 2 minggu sekali hehe…tapi larian mcm kilatlah…cuma masalah hadapan motor ni lagi..bila aku bawa motor ni 180 top speed mcm dah x kena jln raya plk…hehehe…hadapan jdi ringan habis..:-/

  53. nak pakai belang sebab minat moto besar. tapi kaki pendek. so, tukar la, dr moto besar ke moto laju yg memang sampai kaki jejak tanah. belang ni ok kot untuk pempuan? hehe.

  54. salam.. aku guna 125z tapi meter tak tahu kenapa berat nak mampuihh. aku test dengan meter 135LC clutch tangan 1st model, meter aku baru 120KM/H meter LC tu dah 160KM/H . test dengan wave 125 S meter aku naik 130KM/H , wave tu 180KM/H dah out meter. motor aku standard je , top 150KM/H je tak boleh naik lagi. agak agak boleh go tak dgn belang? haha sebab aku nak try 4 stroke pulak ah. patut ke aku trade in?

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  56. Gua baru pkai 3 bln 150 R…gear da problem

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  59. - Another dialog box will appear. You need to take
    classes, join users groups and computer clubs. With the advent of Parallels Desktop for Mac,
    there is now a positive solution to the growing problem.

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